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How can you increase the number of Likes on Facebook?

Facebook is without doubt the top of the line social media platform, and if you can make it work with a site such as Facebook and you can do it everywhere! However, you can use this to to increase the number of Likes on Facebook page’s with likes. There is useful tips here. The number of Likes on facebook you’ve got on your profile, pictures, and status updates. are crucial to being considered a major participant on Facebook. However, how do you earn more followers on Facebook? This guide will guide you an extra step toward Facebook success and, as often, one step ahead of your competitors!

Update your content frequently However, not too often!

If you are regularly posting content that people follow, you won’t be able to ignore (duh ..). It is essential to make sure that your content is engaging or entertaining. People will recall this in the future and will continue to look over your blog posts, not skim over them. This will increase the chances of receiving a liking tremendously.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t post content frequently. This is a no-brainer reason the reasons why you shouldn’t.

The research conducted at KissMetrics has proven that it’s best to update the content at least 2 times per day, all day long. Your content’s engagement with users can be increased by as much as 40%.

More pictures and videos

People are extremely visually inclined. Pictures and videos are more likes on facebook to catch the attention of a person than text status updates. It takes just a second to snap an image, which means very minimal effort. However, when you post a text-based update, this is not the case. Funny or interesting videos can also be a great method of gaining followers. But, there are times when this isn’t enough. Therefore, we suggest that you provide a brief description of what draws people to view the video. The process of writing a description for a video is a skill that can be quite difficult. For more information on this, we suggest you Google “linkbait” or “clickbait”. Imagine descriptions such as “I can’t believe this video is real… you have to see this to believe it!”. It’s easy to think that this is an overly simplistic approach but it’s effective.

Tagging individuals in these posts can be extremely beneficial. People love getting personally involved with these posts, as you keep it positive, of course!

Did you know that you can purchase likes? You can find it here!

Make it brief and simple.

The majority of people are lazy. They’re also intolerant. They are looking to be entertained, and immediately. This is why it’s not a good idea to provide lengthy status updates. They simply browse through the posts. Keep in mind that Facebook isn’t an online journal, and they do not need to know what your day went or what your thoughts are about the latest season of Game of Thrones. They are looking for short, humorous stories or updates on amazing, fascinating things you’ve done or seen. Let them know what they need.

On Facebook, you’re technically not restricted to 160 characters, as you do on Twitter. It’s not a bad idea to add this restriction on Facebook also.

Some people are interested in the things I’ve explained in the previous paragraphs. If that is your situation then it is recommended you create your own blog and then link to it.

Ask interactive questions

Another great way to earn likes is by sharing interactive content. Ask questions or seeking opinions from others. People want to be the person with the most valuable advice or the best answer. Examples include:

“What’s the most popular pizza place in downtown? I need to have pizza fast!”. With these kinds of messages, you must respond promptly to people who reply.

But don’t ask “too personal questions or ones which take too long to answer. For instance, do not ask for the steps to making an effective PowerPoint presentation.

Similar to the posts of other people

If you are a fan of the posts of other people you have a high chance they’ll enjoy your posts. There’s no science to back this


It can be a challenge when you’re not a natural comedian. But, as I said before that people use Facebook to entertain themselves. Use this. If you share posts that make people laugh, you will likely receive lots of likes.

If you’re unable to find something humorous then you can make use of funny content that someone else has created. Find an interesting online source and then post it up on your wall. For instance, if you think of an amusing meme that anyone has yet heard about, you’ll receive the credit from your Facebook buddies.

Do not click on content that shouts for attention

People generally find posts on Facebook which are just meant to attract attention to be very irritating. The posting of such messages will only earn you negative attention. The types of messages that fall in this category include: “Woohoo highest grade in the class!”, “Am I ugly in this picture?” And so on. You will be able to see the image.

Don’t send messages such as: “What a @#$@ day”, “Some people really have no shame” and don’t even try to explain the reason for it.

If you do would like to share these types of messages, you can use a sarcastic tone. You can accomplish this using, for instance, using hashtags. (#). This lets you prove that you’re not taking you’re taking it seriously.

Post content at times that are strategic for you.

Be aware of your use of Facebook and be aware of Facebook Chat to check the number of online people. Utilize this data to determine the most appropriate time to make your post on Facebook. The majority of people browse Facebook during the early morning hours, and late in the afternoon between work and school. It’s possible to not consider this at first but it could make huge differences.

Be aware of other external factors that could influence how your friends interact on Facebook. For instance, if it’s the day is sunny when everyone’s enjoying the beautiful weather. If there’s an important sporting event or festival happening in your region Many people don’t even visit Facebook until Monday when their usual week resumes. Therefore, try to keep your most valuable content until times when you’re certain that people will view it.

This instruction is primarily aimed at getting more Facebook likes for your Facebook page. If there’s a lot of interest in a tutorial to increase the number of likes on Facebook PAGE, I’ll write it soon Let me know via the comment section in the comments below!



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