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How Do I Generate B2B Leads From Google Maps?

Why Google Maps Is Best For B2B Lead Generation?

Google Maps is a surprising and amazing source for generating quality b2b leads. It is the most popular b2b lead generation platform for marketers and freelancers. According to marketers and freelancers, Google Maps has almost 80% of the quality b2b leads as compared to social sites. The Google Maps network has more than 12 million business profiles around the globe.

How Can I Scrape Google Maps For B2B Leads?

Generating leads is very important to run any type of online business. It is extremely important for any b2b business to produce b2b leads to get a consistent flow of leads for the marketing and sales team to connect with prospects. Google Maps Extractor can assist businesses in easily gathering b2b leads from Google Maps.

The current technology of Google Maps has digitized businesses as well as updated contact data so that everyone can contact them individually for services instead of visiting their stores and shops. Google Maps helps businesses in listing their data to make it easier for people to discover them as well as contact them. In this blog, we will find out how businesses and marketers get b2b leads data from Google Maps using Google Maps Data Extractor.

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Get B2B Leads Data From Google Maps To Excel By Using Software

How To Get B2B Leads From Google Maps With Google Map Extractor?

To scrape Google Maps for b2b leads, initially, you have to install the Google Maps Scraper software on your laptop or PC. A business on Google Maps provides all the information about their company such as website link, contact information, reviews, and location. So that the people can approach them easily. Google Maps Business Extractor by Ahmad Software Technologies helps you scrape business data from Google Maps business listings by entering a business name, business category, zip code, business listing URL, and other business keywords.

Secondly, we will use Google Maps Lead Extractor to collect data straight from the Google Maps business listings. This Google Maps Listing Scraper would take any business profile URL as input as well as extract business contact information from that business listing URL like phone number, email, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, website URL, and social media links. Google Maps Email Extractor also searches for email on the contact us page of the website given on the business listing. Google Maps Data Export Tool allows you to save your extracted data in various useful formats such as Excel, CSV, Text, etc.

Find And Generate 1000’s Of B2B Leads From Google Maps On a Daily Basis

You can search for any business on Google Maps by name and zip code. You can collect this data manually if you have to collect data from 50 or 100 business profiles. But, if you need to collect business data from thousands of business listings, then you have to use this Google Maps Contact Extractor. In Google Maps Data Extractor, you have to put your keywords like “Pizza Restaurants In New York” as input and it will scrape data returned by Google Maps search results in minutes.

You can upload a list of bulk business listings URLs to scrape for business data. You can download all the data in CSV, Excel, and Text formats when the Google Maps Crawler stops running. Furthermore, you also get the option of scheduling the Google Maps Location Scraper for running hourly, minutely, daily, or weekly.

Why Google Map Extractor?

Google Business Email Lead Extractor helps you scrape business data from Google Maps without any requirement to study how to do coding to develop a web scraper for Google Maps.

This Google Maps Reviews Scraper will help you extract additional data from a business website like an email address or phone number that sometimes might not be accessible on Google Maps business profile. If you don’t want to hire a programmer or freelancer or like to code, Google Maps Business Leads Extractor is the best option for you!

Avoid all the hassles of programming and hiring, Google Maps Places Scraper will do all the tasks of searching, extracting, exporting, and organizing for just 49.99$/month.

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