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How do Office Organization Ideas help to Boost Productivity

Whether it has a small office or a big one, creating an organized space at the place is a very tough task. You need to work in a space that fits everything required. The cluttered office space will kill your productivity to some level. But you can easily keep the small offices neat and free from clutter.

Have a look at some ideas on how you can free up the space by following some great small home office storage ideas effectively!

  1. Get a small filing cabinet   

If you only have a few files, consider using a hanging file folder or a plastic storage box instead of a full-size filing cabinet. You can purchase either option at any office supply store. A hanging file folder is a great option for people with a small filing system. They are available in a variety of sizes and a color, which means you can color-code your files to suit your needs.

  1. Use files folder labels 

 File folders with tabs on them allow you to easily identify the contents of each file. While many people use manila folders when they file, there are some options available that make it easier to find what you need quickly. For example, instead of using manila folders, consider purchasing brightly-colored hanging files and color-coding with a label. This is a great option for people who often forget where they filed something because the labels make it easy to find documents quickly.

  1. Store office supplies in labeled shoeboxes 

 Instead of keeping your pens, pencils, paper clips, and the tape strewn across a desk or table, consider storing these items inside a small container that you can keep out of sight. If you have access to a loft, you can place a container on top of your desk or filing cabinet. In addition to storing office supplies inside a container, be sure to label the container so that everyone in the office knows what it’s for. One of the best office storage solutions you can go for!

  1. Sort your files into categories 

Whether you’re sorting through paperwork or hanging file folders, it’s important to stay organized. If you’re filing paperwork into hanging folders, consider using the same color for each folder and then place that color’s folders together in your file drawer or cabinet. For example, if you use blue folders for one category and green folders for another, sort those files together inside your designated area.

  1. Purchase a labeler to make things easier

Believe it or not, you can purchase a labeler for less than $20.00 these days, which is an affordable price point compared with professional services. If your business does not have the resources to hire someone to come in and help you sort through files, consider using a labeler to make things easier. Simply write the topic or name of a file on a sticker, attach that sticker to a manila folder and use your labeler to print out additional labels that you will then place inside hanging folders.

  1. Use a bulletin board for memos

If you have too many papers lying on your desk, consider using a bulletin board to display memos and other papers that you need to see on a daily basis. You can purchase cork or fabric boards at any craft store and hang them on the wall for easy access.

  1. Take time to sort through files and paperwork

While it’s important to stay organized, it’s also important to stay productive. If you find that sorting through files and paperwork is taking too much time and interfering with getting your work done, consider outsourcing this task so that you can get back to focusing on your business or career. 

  1. Keep desktops neat and tidy

Using desk organizers is a great way to keep your desk clean. Consider using trays, drawers, or boxes to hold pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies so that you can quickly find what you need without creating clutter or wasting time searching for items.

  1. Clean out your file drawer or cabinet periodically

Keeping your file area tidy is a great way to stay organized. However, sometimes it’s necessary to clean everything out and start from scratch to avoid clutter. Considering cleaning out your filing cabinet or hanging files on a regular basis is among good office storage ideas so that you can get rid of any old documents.

  1. Purchase a filing cabinet if needed

If you find that you don’t have enough room to keep your files organized and accessible, purchase an additional filing cabinet so that you can store paperwork and other items. If possible, try to choose a filing cabinet with locking drawers so that anyone in the office cannot easily access the contents.

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