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How do you track refunds on TurboTax?

TurboTax is how you can find quick and easy solutions to annual tax filings and tax-related problems. However, if you wish to learn how to get refunds through TurboTax, you are unable to find the status of the refund. Make sure you read this blog, which can help you solve TurboTax Login Track my Refund issue. There are several benefits of using TurboTax, and if anyone thinks it is too expensive, it is, and there is a reason for it. Filing the federal and state taxes is a bit confusing, and usually, business owners with assistance from CPAs will charge not less than thousands of dollars. TurboTax would help you and eliminate the gap which makes you in charge of the money. It lets you know where you have to pay taxes with clear steps provided. So that means you can prepare your taxes yourself and file them with accuracy. Unfortunately, TurboTax is not error-free. And, you might come across chronic issues like TurboTax error 42016. So we have the top 5 TurboTax Error Codes with easy solutions.

How to track your refunds on TurboTax?

  1. You should wait for at least three days after filing your tax returns online as it requires up to three days to update the information on the website. After that, you can check the e file online, and you will also receive an email that confirms the IRS. If you have a copy of your Tax return, it is advised to wait for at least three weeks before checking your refund status.
  2. Obtain a copy of your tax return by printing your copy. You will be required to have the Social security number, filing status, and the exact amount of the tax refund.
  3. Go to the “Where is my refund” section on the page where you can check the three separate boxes for information. You will have to fill in the filing status, refund amount, and your social security number. You will receive status from this dialogue box if you do not get any direct intimation on your address.

Follow these steps mentioned above to keep track of your refunds on TurboTax, but make sure you wait for at least three days after e-filing for the tracking status to appear on the website. If you are sure of the delay and you do not see any status, contact TurboTax professionals!

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What are the ways to check your tax refund status or TurboTax Login Track my Refund?

Make sure you call the IRS at the given helpline and obtain the status personally. You can check the information and provide the IRS the same, including Social security number, your tax refund amount, and filing status. Keep the copy of your tax return handy. Make your call to the IRS after three weeks only when you know that the tax refund has been delayed. You will get prompt replies from IRS as TurboTax makes it convenient for everyone to do their own taxes.

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