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How to build the perfect custom engagement ring

An engagement ring will be the symbol of love and commitment between you and your better half. No wonder couples spend through their noses to get a customized diamond engagement ring made that suits their preferences.

To start with, most people search online for terms like ‘Engagement rings Centennial’, ‘Diamond engagement rings in Queens’, or anything similar to this. Many couples are clueless when it comes to choosing the right custom engagement ring; they blindly trust the first jeweler that they find in the search results.

However, choosing the right ring is no rocket science. You just need a little patience, perseverance, and research to choose a ring that will convey your love for eternity.

6 Steps to Build the Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

Instead of blindly trusting someone, it’s better to know what to expect than to be cheated on later. Here are the steps to build the perfect custom ring.

Choose a reputed custom jeweler

When going through your options in search, do not just choose the first one that comes in the list or one that you have heard about before; you need to choose one that assists you in designing the right diamond engagement ring.

Also, check their reviews- understand what others have experienced with the said jeweler. Check out alternatives by Googling terms like ‘Custom jewelers in Queens’ or ‘Custom jewelers Denver’.

Set an appointment with them

Once you have selected a jeweler who you can trust, set an appointment with them. Remember, as this is a custom-made engagement ring, you will need at least an hour or so to discuss ideas and options.

Prepare for your appointment

It isn’t advisable to go to the jeweler without a clue of what you want. Ask yourself the following questions-

What are her preferences?

What is her personal style?

What kind of jewelry does she prefer to wear daily?

What is her dream engagement ring? (If this is a surprise proposal, you will have to ask her sneakily about her choices or get someone close to her to do so to help you answer this question)

And finally

What is the highest level you can spend for the custom engagement ring?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you are ready to discuss ideas, designs, and timelines for the delivery of your custom engagement ring.

Create your custom engagement ring design

During the appointment with your jeweler, discuss in length what you want and how you want it. You will need to discuss how many diamonds you want in the ring, how the design should look and the time the jeweler will need to get the engagement ring made.

What many people do not realize is that they have to buy the diamonds separately. Your jeweler will help you choose a diamond that is within your budget. You too can search for diamonds online with terms like ‘New York Diamonds’, ‘Denver Diamonds’, and so on.

The best part about diamonds is that there is a diamond for each price point. If natural diamonds aren’t within your means, you can go for lab-grown diamonds or salt and pepper diamonds.

Nevertheless, buy the diamond only after the approval of your jeweler.

Approve the design

Once you have made an advance payment and selected and paid for the diamond, the next step would be to approve the final design of the ring. Your jeweler would provide you with a CAD design or even a 3D printed mock ring to show you how the end product would look like.

Observe the mock ring or 3D CAD design carefully to ensure it is just as you expected.

Get it made

Finally, after negotiating the price, sign the papers stating the work to be done and the timeline for completion. Keep your communications open with the jeweler in case of any queries he may have. Once the jeweler calls you up for pickup, do not delay and collect your engagement ring.


A few last words

Many people believe that building a custom engagement ring would jack up the price manifold. This is a myth. Just ask any respected jeweler or Diamond Stores Denver or elsewhere and he’ll show you how efficient and pocket-friendly it can be to custom-make a diamond engagement ring.

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