How To Change A Front Air Strut On A 2013 Range Rover Sport

In case you were wondering how to change a front air strut on a 2013 range rover sport. This is what you’ll learn from reading this blog post at today.

I have taken the time to curate a detailed step-by-step procedure on how you can go about replacing the air struts of your Range Rover Sports. Also, I have included a video tutorial to guide you on implementing this DIY task.

To begin with;

What Are The Tools Needed To Change The Front Air Strut On Your Range Rover Sport?

  • 12’, 15’, 21’ millimeter range
  • 13’, 18’, 21’, 22’ socket range
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Prying bar
  • Vehicle lift
  • lubricant/rust breaker
  • Air strut
  • T50 range socket

These are important resources you’ll need in order to get started with this DIY task. With that in mind, let’s proceed to the step-by-step procedure.

Step-by-step Procedure; how to change a front air strut on a 2013 range rover sport

Preparatory Activities

Step 1; Put on your protective gear, wear your eyeglasses and gloves. This helps to protect you from personal injury.

Step 2; Straighten the wheels of your car in a straight line. Power off the ignition and then proceed to disconnect the battery. When you disconnect the battery you prevent the chances of getting shocked while working on your car.

Step 3; Raise the car to an off-road height using vehicle lifts or hydraulic jacks and chocks. First, identify the appropriate lifting positions of the vehicle before raising up the car. Also, raise the car to a height that makes it easy for you to work under the car conveniently.

Step 4; Using lug nut remover or electrical impact driver, remove the lug nuts from the wheel. Carefully take down the tire and ensure you safeguard the lug nuts.

Removing The Old Air Strut

Step 5; Open the engine compartment. Look for the electrical connector and disconnect it from the air strut. Do this by gently squeezing and pulling it up.

Step 6; Using a 12-inch range, loosen the nut connecting the air hose to the air strut. Wait for the air to bleed out. This can take a couple of minutes.

Step 7; Come down to the front wheel area and get set to disconnect the sway bar link. The sway bar link connects the air suspension system to the outer part of the sway bar and functions in the maintenance of balance when the wheel is approaching a turn.

Step 8; Now, you can proceed to remove the bolts holding the air strut in position. Observe carefully the size of the bolts and use an appropriately sized nut remover.

Step 9; Now, you should go ahead and release the tension in the strut bracket using a flat-headed screwdriver. This will require a lot of effort.

Step 10; The next thing is to secure the knuckle with a jack in the case where you are using hydraulic jacks and chocks. This helps to stabilize the vehicle. If you have raised the car with a vehicle lift, you need not do this.

Step 11;  Remove the lower bottom nuts with the aid of appropriate remover. Apply lubricant if it proves stubborn to remove. Now, pick the screwdriver again and force down the bracket.

Step 12; Remove the air struts; First, open the car engine compartment and unscrew the nuts. Then carefully remove the air struts from the wheel area in the front-rear.

Installing The New Air Spring

Step 1; Put the new air spring in position and screw the top 4 nuts in the engine compartment holding it in position.

Step 2; Screw the control arm bolt back into the knuckle. Screw the lower bottom bolt and put the sway bar link in position.

Step 3; Replace the air fitting. Return the wheel back to its position. Lower the car, restore the electrical connector connection. Fix back the battery and switch on the engine.

Finally, take the car for a test drive and observe any differences in handling and ride quality.

Here is a video by LR Tech demonstrating the step-by-step guide procedure on how to change a front air strut on a 2013 range rover sport. Watch here;


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Question; Can I replace front struts myself?

Answer; Yes! Yes!! You can go about handling this DIY task on your own. Although, changing the front struts is deemed tasking and dangerous especially for newbies who have no experience working on vehicles before.

So, it’d be in your best interest as a newbie to outsource this task to professional mechanics.

Question; How can I remove air struts on the front end of my car?

Answer; Follow the procedure listed in this article to learn how you can change the front air struts in RR 2013 by yourself.

Question; Can I change the right strut to the left side on the front end?

Answer; Yes! Front struts are interchangeable from side to side.  This is because both struts on either side of the front end are the same.

In Conclusion

To sum it all;

I have shown you how to change a front air strut on a 2013 range rover sport, the tools you need to get the job done, and answers to some of the most asked questions on this topic.

Do you have questions, suggestions, opinions, or past experiences changing the front strut on a 2013 RANGE Rover Sport? Leave your thoughts in the little box below this.

Until we have another insightful “Air strut” discussion, keep yourself safe, #YouRock!


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