How to Create Video Streaming App like Netflix

With the growth of the media sector and the availability of low-cost internet, the online video craze exploded. Not only that, with OTT platforms showing some of the most compelling shows and films at the lowest possible prices, these platforms have surpassed all other kinds of video entertainment.

Nobody can deny that the way people consume Video Streaming App and television has shifted dramatically, resulting in a sea change in the entertainment business. Since then, the model for producing, selling, distributing, and consuming this information has shifted due to the Internet.

We give all the specifics here on how to enter the market and establish an app similar to Netflix Clone.

What Is a VOD Video Platform and How Does It Work?

Before we delve into the specifics of how to launch a streaming service comparable to Netflix, let’s first define VOD and how it works. It is critical that you understand how these applications work. If you’re also going to establish a Video Streaming App like Netflix, it’s important to understand how it works.

Also referred to as on-demand streaming or on-demand television, VOD (Video on Demand) is a term that refers to a television system that enables viewers to access multimedia content in a personalized manner, without having to rely on traditional television services.

Concerning the operation of VOD video platforms, the following restrictions apply:

  • The system incorporates all of the video clip’s basic operations (restarting the program, stopping it, moving it forward or backward, slowing it down, etc. ), all of which are controlled by the same user.
  • It ensures uninterrupted access to chosen programs, without the need to conform to fixed programming schedules, as traditional television channels do.
  • They offer a diverse choice of programming, allowing users to create their own a-la-carte menus and even pay for specific exclusive shows.
  • These types of platforms exist to provide users with a fully functional alternative to traditional movie renting systems.
  • There are two types of on-demand material delivery: via LAN, which allows for a speedier distribution to consumers; and via the Internet. The alternative is to use WAN, which has a greater range but a slower response time than LAN mode.

What kind of content can I watch on an on-demand TV streaming platform?

Apart from series and films, the content available on an on-demand streaming TV platform is extremely diverse. As a result, it is thriving globally, as it meets the entertainment and variety needs of millions of users. Following that, the primary sorts of content that VODs currently offer are as follows:


These platforms have recently produced various series, capturing the attention of thousands of users worldwide.

These are audiovisual works that preserve a storyline unity within itself and, via the use of attractive textures, captivate the attention of consumers who consume material via computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Taking this into consideration, they cover every genre.


Following the series on VOD services, the flicks garner the highest views. Being a cinematographic work that, in general, tells a tale that has been written by a screenwriter and whose staging is entirely determined by a director. These feature renowned actors from throughout the world and span all genres.


For those who prefer to see a documentary, which is a recording of an aspect of actual life that is exhibited in front of cameras and a large audience, a documentary is the finest option.

Which, in essence, are classified according to the nature of the materials utilized in the video, as well as the narrator’s appearance during the filming.

In this sense, you can watch strictly documentary films or “docudrama” films in which the protagonists of the events narrated participate by acting in their own roles. As illustrated in the final graph, documentaries rank third on VOD platforms.

Entertainment Programs

Although this is true, virtually all traditional television stations have broadcast hundreds of entertainment shows worldwide, with many of them achieving amazing popularity. However, in order to watch them on a daily basis, you had to adhere to a strict schedule; otherwise, you would miss an episode of your favorite show.

Thematic Channels

They are channels that deliver specialized programming on a specific subject or target a specific demographic. Users that prefer certain content, such as information, entertainment, children, religion, music, or television contests, use them. These have risen to the sixth position in an app on demand.

Cricket, football, basketball, boxing, and Formula 1 fans have all opted for on-demand streaming over traditional television. Due to the fact that many exclusive athletic events are broadcast exclusively on select television channels and not all users have access to those channels, on multiple occasions.

Some Significant Netflix App Features

The next step in designing a streaming app similar to Video Streaming App like Netflix is to define the app’s functionality. A simple to manufacture MVP saves time and money and lets investors comprehend your business value.

Your app should also allow users to register using their phone number, email address, or social network account. Your app should allow users to search for and save material to personalized playlists. Additionally, a feature allowing users to like or dislike an option should be included.

How much does it cost to create a streaming app like Netflix?

Developing Netflix-like software is a difficult and time-consuming task. It is essential to contact a reputable mobile application development business that has extensive skills and experience producing effective apps.


Let’s determine the cost of a Netflix-like app. Analyze user preferences, create a monetization strategy, and deploy relevant app features. Determine the best price for your Netflix-based on-demand app development by contacting a reputable mobile app development business.

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