How to Get Along With Instagram API this 2022?

Here are the ways to use Instagram API for your business, whether small-scale, MSMEs, or large corporations. 

A new year means a unique chance for you to strategize your marketing plans. When it comes to social media marketing, undoubtedly, Instagram shouldn’t miss your list. Why?

It is because Instagram statistics are not worth missing. Don’t forget, since the launch of the Instagram app, it has been one of the most favorite apps for the public, no matter the age group. It is popular among people as it connects them to their friends, families and gives a sneak peek into their followed celebrities’ lives. 

5 Instagram Statistics of 2021

  • Currently, there are more than 1.074 billion Instagram users globally
  • If you see an average post on Instagram, it has over 10.7 hashtags
  • Now, coming to a study age-wise! Young adults are an asset for any organization, be it businesses. Currently, 71% of the billion users of Instagram are under the age of 35. 
  • Most importantly, Instagram is functional to generate over four times as many interactions as Facebook. 
  • 71% of businesses use Instagram to engage better with their customers and prospects. 

It shows how Instagram is changing the way businesses are doing business now! Indeed, there is not a full stop here; Instagram business API has many features that make your customer support robust while being available 24*7. 

Is this read about Instagram API worth your time?

Undoubtedly yes! If you want to stay up the coming year and compete with your competitions, Instagram API allows you to do it. While you post about your brand’s products and services, Instagram API helps you track the hashtags. That means you can post to a particular audience set with greater chances of converting. Not only that, there are various benefits as well. For instance, monitoring the performance of your business account, collecting data to know what your audience thinks about your brand, and more!

This blog will discuss Instagram API and its necessity in today’s marketing strategies. Also, you will explore the common uses of IG API and how to use it for your business. Finally, even if you are using IG API, we will guide you to use it better for the best results for your business.

So, the first thing is to understand what IG API is!

Instagram API: What does it mean for your business?

Simply stating, Instagram API is a tool that allows you to connect your business app to the functionalities and features of Instagram. So if you are a creator or a business, IG business API is a must to stay updated, especially in 2022, where people have explored a new way to connect this lockdown.

It helps you manage your presence altogether. From working the hashtags, mentions and collecting real-time data for your business and others’ business, or collecting hashtagged photos, Instagram API is the go-to tool. 

Examples of Instagram API

Before you use IG business API for your business, please go through the other examples. The following are some excellent examples of Instagram API in use.

  • Instagram Stories Example:

Do you know that uses Instagram API to pull required posts and stories from public IG accounts? The best is it allows browsing even if you are not signed in.

  • Instagram Media Example for API: Inflect Ig Media Downloader

It is currently the media downloader for IG, Twitter, Facebook, and twitch. The API from Instagram allows the download of content assets of IG now.

  • Instagram Hashtag API example: Inflict Hashtag Generator for IG

If you have posted anything previously on Instagram, you may know that IG gives you suggestions for hashtags. So, this generates hashtags for your social media post. That means you can come up with many ideas all at once with API for IG.

Now, we are all set to explore how you can use Instagram business API for your business. 

How to use API from Instagram for your online business?

Here are the top 4 ways to use API from Instagram for better interaction globally.

  • Getting Insights into your business is easier with API 

So, how are you marketing your products and services? Wait! Before you answer this question, it is essential to know where you are succeeding as a team and what needs improvement, right! Straightway, the IG business API helps you get the right insights in a click. Plus, you will be able to explore the mentions of your business across the platform. 

  • Get data from your targeted hashtags.

Funding data from specific hashtags, especially those you target, is crucial to promoting your social media accounts. You also get a better idea of how to show an extensive engagement across the platform with Instagram API. Moreover, whether you want to find your hashtags or your competitors’ ones and evaluate their performance, it’s all easier with the new update.

  • How about auto-printing photos?

Print your brand’s hashtagged photos from an event or hashtag with API from Instagram. Then, to generate high brand awareness, you have to configure the IG API to auto-print the images you upload or which are with particular hashtags.

So, if you want to generate a whole collab of the pictures from specific hashtags, you are all set to do it right with API. 

  • The best part is you can moderate comments

Moderating comments is a great way to delete, unhide, or retrieve replies to any of the comments, including your brand name. You can also reply to comments directly, without going to the Instagram consumer application. You can now represent your brand from the top level.

The feature which you should be looking to do is Comment Moderation


Grow better with Instagram API for business

You get a level of access that works for your online presence. Right from managing hashtags to exploring the data insights and monitoring your brand’s performance, the API from Instagram is your partner. While the next year brings in new updates, use the IG business API from now to be more visible across the most popular social media application. 

API gives you the power to manage everything. Use it for better marketing insights today! 

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