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How To Handle Every Dibond Signs Challenge With Ease Using These 6 Tips?

Dibond signage is a favourite in the printing industry due to its high sales and exceptional quality. Dibond is an alloy that blends two painted aluminum sheets which are then sandwiched together with the solid polyethylene core.

If you’re in search of a material for signage that will last for a long time and years, then foamex signs are the solution. These are the benefits of dibond signs.

1. Signage Made Of Dibond Is Extremely Durable

Aluminum is a popular material due to its toughness and durability. Dibond signage is extremely thin, lightweight and very durable. It is ideal for outdoor signage and can endure for years, even in harsh conditions. dibond signs are a fantastic option for those seeking a sign for your business that is solid and won’t break or shatter, split, or bow.

2. Professional Finish

Dibond signage might cost less than you think but it will look costly. Metal finishes are elegant and have an appearance that is professional. If you choose polished, mirrored or brushed finish the aluminum signs are always distinctive.

This makes Foamex printing perfect for professional offices like lawyers’ offices, courtrooms as well as higher education offices and numerous others. They have a glossy appearance that’s extremely appealing.

3. Versatility

Dibond signage is very versatile and can be utilised both outdoors and indoors. This is different from PVC and acrylic which are only suitable to be used for signage in indoor areas.

Aluminum is rust proof and waterproof and is therefore resistant to harsh elements and weather conditions. It is ideal for street signs and will last for many years without breaking or failing. It will last for a long time when used inside, in contrast to plastic and wood.

4. Easy To Customise

Dibond signs are simple to modify to fit the requirements of your company. Screen printing is possible and applies colored vinyl decals, or writes letters.

Additionally, you can cut these signs to your specifications into custom cuts or unique forms. Aluminum is an ideal backdrop for your advertising strategies for businesses and can give your signage a beautiful and attractive appearance.

5. Amazingly Inexpensive

Because of its strength and strength, you should expect bonds as the most expensive material for signs. But, it’s also the least expensive when compared to other substrates like redwood, as well as other plastics. In terms of price aluminum generally beats its rivals. It is the only type of business signage that is strong, durable and inexpensive.

6. Maintenance And Installation

The installation of aluminum sign board is easy and doesn’t require any tools of a professional. Signs are bolted to any hard surface, like walls. It is not necessary to spend lots of time or effort to install these signs.

Additionally, dibond can easily be cleaned by using some water and soap. Regular maintenance services are not needed and will help keep your signage shining stunning and beautiful throughout the day.

Different Types Of Dibond Signs

Dibond is a premium sign option that is an efficient substitute to metals. It can be customised to meet your business’s branding and signage needs. Different kinds of Dibond signs are able to be utilised in a variety of ways, from small name plates up to massive lobby signs. These are the different types of Dibond signs available here at Signs NYC:

1) Dibond Logo Signs

Every Dibond logo is precisely cut to the exact dimensions, shape, and shape using an automated procedure using CNC routers.

2) Directional Dibond Signs

Directional Dibond signs may be coated with a reflective coat or a brushed aluminum finish to increase visibility outside at night.

3) Elevator Signs Made Of Composite Aluminum

The signs are mounted on the wall, using holes with CNC routers or the smaller and lighter signs are fixed with the adhesive backing, or Velcro.

4)  Dibond Photo Printing

Digital printing allows any image or graphic to be printed either on either or both sides. UV inks provide a wide range of shades and precise gradients for photo printing.

5)  Technical Specifications

Dibond signs offer an elegant appearance with a less costly composite material. It is an extremely popular sign for estate agent boards and logo signs with branding names, signs for names, and more.

It’s a sleek design which is extremely sought-after and can be remarkably adaptable for those looking for something distinctive to their company. Dibond offers several advantages over other materials, such as:

What Are The Characteristics Of Dibond Signs?

The most important characteristic of rigid signs such as dibond signs is their durability. They are resistant to damage such as breaking, bending or warping in different degrees based on the material they’re composed of. They’re also easy to clean and maintain due to its smooth, smooth edges.

Signs made of dibond can be found everywhere you go because they’re widely used for all kinds of outdoor signs. Real estate, contractor and directional signs are typically made of dibond due to their durability when compared with other types that are made of rigid signage.

They’re also useful for indoor signage and can be even more durable in the elements for businesses or events such as trade shows as well as universities and corporate structures.

Dibond signs that are smaller in size are light and easy to put up. However, if you’re in need of them, Signs does offer installation services for our signs. CNC router holes are requested in the order procedure and then drilled for mounting them to a wall or pole simpler.

Where Dibond Signs Are Utilised?

A Dibond sign is a great option both outdoors and indoors It is the ideal solution for businesses that require an enduring sign. It is printed with attractive images and utilised for advertising art, displaying artwork, or giving directions for buildings. The businesses which typically use aluminum composite signs include:

1. Realtors

Dibond signs are renowned for their outdoor real estate signs due to their durability in comparison to other types of rigid signs.

2. Property Management

Aluminium Composite signs are commonly used as elevator signs as well as building management signs due to their strength and lightness.

3. It Companies

IT companies employ high-quality aluminum composite signs with an elegant, classic look and long-lasting properties.

4. Coffee Shops

The ability to customise Dibond signs through printing photos and colour variations is what makes Dibond an ideal material as a coffee store signage.

5.  Restaurants

Inside Dibond signs are often used in restaurants to create distinctive menu boards and enhance the look of the restaurant’s interiors.

6. Construction Sites

The custom Dibond signs are favoured for signs used by contractors due to their UV resistance as well as water-resistant features.


Hoarding also helps create more appealing sites for the nearby residents or workers. It reduces the noise level and increases privacy both for the general public as well as for the people who work at the location. Hoarding not only protects the building, it also protects the public well.

The creation of a barrier surrounding safety hazards on the site can prevent serious injuries. They could result from accidents and slips as well as falling objects, site vehicles, and other. Hoarding is a popular practice to boost the brand’s recognition.

Hoardings can be used to promote your business as well as the developer or contractor or even to present an image of the final product for the people to see. It’s an excellent opportunity to let the public know the benefits of the projects being constructed and to improve the infrastructure within the region in which they live.



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