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How To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Normal Work Routine?

Employers have several methods to include yoga in their workplaces. But for employees, there are certain easy ways.

If you are a structured employee looking for workshop time, try to include a yoga break between work. Take a yoga break and cuddle, relax your mind and seek your body.


The only thing you can do at any time and from anywhere. The programming of meditation breaks is considered the main task if you want to disconnect the work. Take a 50-minute meditation breach and concentrate on your breath and close your eyes. Slowly, exercise the different breathing exercises right there, sit at your desk. If you want a change in your place, you can always go to the conference room because it’s calm.

Yoga Pose

I’m not asking myself to start exercising yoga suddenly, everywhere. You can try to put yoga on your chair, which is also known as the Yoga desk.

Yes, you heard right. A simple spine turns while sitting can also contribute to physical well-being. So here, let me tell you a little about the sitting exercises.

Chair Twist:

  • You have to sit directly in your chair with flat feet on the floor.
  • Place your right hand behind the chair.
  • Now it bows right while using the left hand to turn the spine.
  • Now try the same with the other side to maintain balance.

Heart Opener:

  • Sit on the edge of your chair while keeping your feet on the floor.
  • Wear hands behind her back, mix them.
  • Inseam now and push their knuckles to the ground and chest.


As we know, yoga has to do with Asanas and meditation, but we do not realize there is more than that. Take a free time of 30 minutes to get somewhere and inhale a little fresh air can be part of meditation.

If there is a nearby park, one can practice breathing exercises and some easy yoga positions there. But to take this rest in the inaccurate hours is a nuisance. So use your lunch and use it completely.

Leave your desk, come somewhere, try some simple yoga poses before eating your food.

Other Desk Exercises

We spent half our day at work and sat on a chair and looked at the computer screen. Even if concentration at work is essential, it can be difficult for our bodies.

Then, here we offer the extensive version of some light yoga exercises, which will last less than 2 minutes.

In addition, it does not force us to get away from our desks. This is why they are also known as desk exercises.

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Shoulder Rolls

  • Sit straight
  • Lift your right shoulder near the ear
  • Roll around your shoulder, leave it from the ear.
  • Do the same with your left shoulder.
  • Repeat it three times alternately.
  • Lift both shoulders near the ears
  • Breathe deeply
  • Exhale, leaving the shoulders of the ear.
  • Repeat this five times

Stretching From The Chest

  • Sit on the edge of the chair.
  • Cross your fingers behind you with your palms together
  • Tilt forward with the arms high in the same poses. You will feel stress on your chest.
  • If you breathe deeply while lifting his chest.
  • Leave your breath and release your shoulders.
  • Repeat

Neck Exercise

  • Put high without the support chairs.
  • Lift your head a little
  • It falls the right ear on the right shoulder.
  • Inhaled breathing. I feel the stretch on the left side of the neck.
  • Do the same on the left.

Torrid Arms

  • Sit right without seat support.
  • Expand your arms in front of the shoulder level.
  • Stick the right elbow in the thief of his left arm
  • Wrap your forearms with the back of your hands in front of the other
  • Try to place the left fingers in the right palm.
  • Take a deep breath
  • Go back to normal
  • Repeat the same with the opposite side.

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