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How to know if a laptop is good for Gaming

Gaming laptops are really trendy these days because they give you freedom to play your games no matter where you are. You can enjoy the proper feel of portability and take your gaming sessions with you even while you are traveling. But finding a good gaming laptop is not an easy task to do, as there are many laptops in the market but not all of them are good for gaming.

If you are looking to buy a gaming laptop for yourself or your loved ones, then you need to look no further. We are going to be sharing with you guys a complete guide on how you can know if a laptop is good for gaming or not. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

Look for Specs – Gaming laptops

The first thing to keep in mind is the specs of a laptop. If your gaming laptop has some powerful specs, then it will be good for gaming that’s for sure. A processor makes sure you get all the power to get things done the right way. If you are looking for a good amount of power in your laptop then you should opt for an Intel Core i5, i7, or AMD equivalent. Core i5 or i7 laptops are powerful enough to run all the games with great ease. You can also go for an i9 laptop, but it will cost you some big bucks too.

A wide memory and storage are also really important if you want to play your games the right way on your laptop. Your laptop must have a wide memory so it can run your games while running some background apps as well. An 8GB RAM laptop is good enough but if you want to make your laptop future proof then 12GB or 16GB RAM should be fine for you. Similarly, a huge storage space will make sure you can download all your games and complete your gaming collection. You need a good amount storage because your games often have downloadable content and updates which take up storage space. Plus, the more storage space you have the less loading time you will face, and your game processing will be much faster.

GPU is Important

The most important component of gaming laptops is probably the GPU or graphics card. It gives you graphics support to run your games in good resolution while also letting you perform your high-res demanding tasks like 3D modeling or graphics designing. You will be needing a powerful GPU to run AAA games without any interruption or lack in resolution quality of your in-game graphics. You should choose the graphics card according to your gaming requirement. If you want to do entry level or casual gaming, then you can go for GTX 1650 card. If you want to do mainstream gaming, then going for NVIDIA RTX 20 or 30 series card will be a good option for you. Just decide what type of gaming you will be doing on your laptop and choose a GPU accordingly. If you don’t have enough graphics support in your gaming laptop then it is not worth buying at all, because you will not be able to enjoy your gaming sessions the right way.

Gaming laptops Get a Killer Display 

A display can make or break your overall experience especially when you are gaming. If you are not able to get good visuals, then how can you enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest. There are many things which you should look for in a display which you want for gaming.

The first thing is obviously size and resolution of your display. You should never go for anything less than 1080p. It is pretty standard and gives good results. A 15 to 17 inches display will be really good for gaming you will be able to see every little detail in the visuals with ease. You can also go higher but that is up to you completely. Make sure if you are going for a big screen display then choose the resolutions according to that because otherwise it can compress or stretch the pixels.

Next thing is refresh rate of your display. Although 60Hz refresh rate is normal and can give good results but if you want smooth as silk visuals, then you need 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rate in your display. Response time of your display also matters especially while playing fast-paced games. You need to have quick response time and high refresh rate to eliminate all the distractions like motion blur and ghosting effect from the equation. Sync technology should also be there because it can keep your GPU and display in communication with each other. Make sure the display is equipped with AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-Sync technology, so the frames which are being pumped by your GPU are met the right way by your display.

Battery that Never Dies

Battery is the one component which can affect the overall performance of your laptop. If your laptop is not equipped with a long-life battery, then you will always be looking for a socket to plug in the charger. This will not let you enjoy the gaming session uninterrupted. Pick a laptop which is equipped with a powerful and long-life battery which should at least stay with you for up to 7 hours with a single charge. You will not want your battery to drain quickly while you are playing games. There are some tips which you should keep in mind to preserve the life of your battery as well. Keep the brightness low and dim the screen because it consumes a good amount of battery. Also make sure there are no unnecessary apps running in the background. Don’t keep the charger plugged even after the battery is fully charged and don’t keep your battery less than 20% for too long.

Gaming laptops I Keep it Cool

Gaming is a really demanding tasks which is really taxing on your laptop. When you are performing such heavy tasks your CPU and GPU tend to get hot and emit heat. Your laptop must be able to handle the heat and dissipate it properly, so you never face interruptions during your gaming sessions. If your laptop heats-up, your games will start to crash, your system can hang, and you can also experience sudden shutdowns.

Final Word

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some of the important things which make a laptop good for gaming. Next time you go out to buy gaming laptops you must keep these in mind, and you will be just fine. If you are looking to buy gaming laptops, then make sure to visit Laptop Outlet and choose from a wide collection of good gaming laptops on great deals.

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