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How To Know Whether I’m Getting Pregnant or My Period Is Just Late?

Usually, the menstrual cycle (period) happens in women. It is a time where the women’s body starts to eliminate unfertilized eggs along with blood. Normally, it takes around 5 days to complete. If the period is late, it may lead to getting pregnant. That is why; every woman keeps a calendar to ensure the date of their menstrual cycle. The late period can switch into a missed period in case of pregnancy. 

Some Important Signs to Know About the Pregnancy

Several women don’t know the signs of pregnancy. As a result, they know about it after a pregnancy test. But, it is essential to know some signs to make sure about pregnancy. Here are several factors through which you may know about pregnancy:

  • Missed Periods: – It is the first sign that indicates your pregnancy. Usually, women have to experience menstrual cycles every month. If there is a missing period in any month, it may be a sign of pregnancy. Sometimes, you may also have light spotting during pregnancy. In such a situation, you should go through the pregnancy test first.
  • Fatigue: – During the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, women’s bodies start to produce more hormone progesterone. As a result, you may have to experience tiredness and fatigue. If you are feeling so abnormal, it is better to take advice from IVF doctors in Bangalore.
  • Spotting: – If a fertilized egg is reached to the uterine wall, it may cause very light bleeding. This light bleeding is known as “Spotting”. However, spots may be the results of pregnancy. During this period, women have to experience cramping and weakness.
  • Changes in Breast: – If you have noticed some changes in the breast (tenderness, swelling, and soreness), it is a symptom of pregnancy. However, these changes occur after 1 or 2 weeks of conception. Make sure to visit the fertility centre in Bangalore in case of infertility issues.
  • Morning Sickness: – It is a common symptom of pregnancy that women face. Along with morning sickness, women also face vomiting during 2 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. However, this sickness can happen in the morning, evening, afternoon and night.
  • Repeated Urination: – At the beginning of 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, women may have to face repeated urination. However, this frequent urination will continue for the last duration of the pregnancy.
  • Headaches: – Due to the hormones and blood flow, several women have to face headaches. This may happen just before the missed period of women. If you are facing headaches before missed periods, contact the gynaecologist. But, infertile couples should go through infertility treatment in Bangalore.

When to Visit a Doctor for the Treatment of Late Period & Pregnancy?

Without pregnancy, you don’t need medical treatment for a missed period. But, you should go through the advice of doctors. As per your health condition, doctors will recommend your preferred treatment for you. They may suggest you change your lifestyle or use birth control during intercourse. Also, you may visit the health experts if:

  • There is no breakage of the menstrual cycle.
  • You are facing unexpected and irregular bleeding.
  • The duration of the last period is more than 35 days.
  • You are facing unusual, heavy bleeding, pain and a long-lasting menstrual cycle.
  • You are experiencing bleeding between periods.


Indeed, several methods are available to detect pregnancy. However, you can also perform some basic tests at your home. If the home test is not accurate, you can go for medical treatment. After getting pregnant, women have to experience several types of problems. Also, there are some signs through which you can identify the pregnancy. But, always go through the prescription of doctors during pregnancy.


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