How To Maintain Good Air Quality Inside Pharma Factory

It is important to have clean air inside a pharma factory to keep the environment safe and produce quality products. Certain things must be taken care of while setting up an air condition system for good indoor air quality.

The main thing is the filters, which should be changed regularly or cleaned depending on their type. Secondly, the temperature and the humidity level, along with the speed of the air conditioning must be kept in mind while setting up an optimum condition indoors.

If not maintained properly, all these factors may lead to health hazards such as respiratory illnesses and allergies among employees. Here are some tips for maintaining good indoor air quality:

1. Optimum Ventilation System

Well, the ventilation system is the first thing that these companies must be looking for while starting to deal with pharma products. They should ensure that air is not stagnated inside the premises of the factory. The air should be able to flow in and out of the building to keep it clean.

2. High Power Fans

High power fans are installed at strategic locations in the company to help air interchange inside the factory premises. The loss of heat and humidity is also prevented using such fans, which helps maintain proper air condition inside the factory.

The company should not choose low-quality products for installing these fans as they might compromise on the air quality at times.

3. Reduce Mold Growth

Mold growth can have a very bad impact on the quality of pharma products; therefore, companies must take necessary steps to prevent mold growth in their company.

The purifier at the company premises must have a feature to remove impurities such as oil which cause mold growth. Keep the ducts of air conditioners clean and unplugged. You should call air conditioning Sydney professionals for the maintenance of your ducted AC.

4. Purifier

This is another important thing that companies should invest in as they deal with pharma products. The purifier installed at the company premises must be capable of removing all types of impurities from the air.

They should ensure that there is proper humidity and temperature inside the factory as well, to maintain good health of employees working in such a place.

5. Efficient Particulate Air Filter

This is very important that companies must choose high-efficiency particulate air filters to help keep the air clean inside the factory premises. These companies can’t change their filter frequently, so they have to go for ones that are efficient and can help maintain good air quality for a long time.

These filters must be chosen after consulting the best company available in the market, rather than going for ones that are cheap and not up-to-the-mark.

6. Certificate For Good Air Quality

The company should maintain proper documentation to ensure that they are maintaining good quality air inside the company. This helps them in case there is any inspection and proves that they have been maintaining a proper internal environment.

7. Regular Maintenance

The purifier installed at the company premises must be serviced regularly by experts, to maintain a good quality of air inside the company. There must be provision for servicing these machines at least once a month so that they can work more efficiently and help maintain proper air quality.

8. Filter Replacement

Filters collect pollutants from the air circulating inside, so regular filter replacements play a very important. The different types of ACs have different types of filters. For instance, four to five layers of glass fiber cartridge filters need to be changed once in twelve months, while high dusting pleated filters must be changed every three months.

It is important to select the filtering devices on the basis of the air quality. You should call the professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for the replacement of filters in ducted air conditioners

9. Temperature and Humidity

The temperature should be between 26°C and 32°C, while humidity levels should not go over 60%. American Conference of Governmental Hygienists set the values. The humidity level should not be more than 60% as it can create problems for the employees, especially those who are sensitive to humidity and moisture in the air. HVAC systems must have a high temperature setting to maintain good indoor air quality.

10. Speed of the AC

Employees feel more comfortable in an AC that operates at medium speed, but more circulation of air inside the factory will lead to lower temperatures and greater energy consumption. Make sure that AC should run for 24 hours within 00.5°C temperature variation.

Final Words

All the employees are closely following all these tips while working on an air conditioning system. As an employer, you need to make sure that everyone involves in the process of maintaining indoor air quality is well aware of all these factors. You also need to appoint people for regular checkups of filters and other parts of the AC.

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