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How to Make a Trundle Bed Look Like a Couch : Expert’s Guidance

The search for practical and space-saving furniture is never-ending. Everybody wants a better design to make the most of their time and efficiency and minimize the space. Many people research their options through various furniture pieces: Sofa-seats, recliners, and sectionals are popular choices. Whatever they choose, the main goal is to design the perfect room. To make a trundle bed look like a couch lets you have an area for sitting and sleeping, creating a comfortable and relaxing space for your activities. Place it in your living room, bedroom, or kid’s bedroom, or in your home office.

How to make a trundle bed look like a couch?

Usually, the trundle bed is in a well-hidden place under the daybed. However, it’s always helpful to embellish the daybed to hide the bed underneath more effectively. If you’re thinking about why a daybed with a trundle can be helpful to then take a look in the next section. If you’d prefer to go straight to the steps, don’t hesitate to skip the next section.

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Be careful when choosing the location

The position of the daybed is an essential aspect of the overall appearance of your space. As we plan to create a sofa appearance, ensure it doesn’t take up ordinary bed space. If you owned the option of a sofa bed, what would you put it? It is recommended to put your daybed with a Trundle in the same spot. Be aware of the fact that you’ll have to take the trundle out of bed, so take note of the space surrounding your daybed.

Test different walls in your room to determine the most appropriate place. Side tables can also be a complement to the standard bed arrangement. You can also add them to enhance the look and style of your space. If you are planning to install the addition of lamps, wall-mounted lamps can improve the look of your space. Make sure to choose a place with the back wall heavily covered in frames as they could be hidden by the daybed.

The trundle mattress is hidden

Select a solid-colored bed sheet to cover the mattress. The fitted sheets that don’t hang over the mattress are ideal because it isn’t likely to get caught or tangled when moving the bed’s trundle bed into and out. Be sure that the sheet isn’t ripped to the point that you cannot see the mattress when it’s hidden. You can choose sheets with printed designs; however, make sure that you choose a darker tone. Bedsheets for day beds can often be challenging to find. When you have found the one you like, set up your bed skirt in the correct way. Make sure the slits are correctly placed, and the bed skirt is hanging according to its dimensions.

Add pillows and cushions

A typical daybed measures about 38″ by 75″. in the minimum due to the size of a mattress with a single size. This is a few inches larger than a regular couch. You can set up cushions and throws to improve the appearance of your day bed and create a day bed using the trundle bed to appear more like a couch. Start by placing the head pillow in the corner. Pick two matching cushions to put on either side. Place an additional throw in the middle and another on the armrest. You can also use the blanket to serve as a throw. The throw can help to draw on the distance of the bed, as well as its size.

Add cushions of an entirely different design on one side, just to create asymmetry and fashion. A rectangular cushion will work. There is no need for an octopus-shaped cushion or any alternative design. The choice of cushions is an essential element in enhancing the appearance of a sofa. Add a personal look by adding a stuffed toy or any other item that suits your preferences. A cushion with a slight texture can give positive vibes. A bolster pillow could assist. Bolster pillows are fantastic to make the depth of the daybed more comfortable. There isn’t a set limit to the number of pillows. You can add any number or little as you’d like.

Make a small end table

Make sure you complete the look of your daybed with a trundle making a small end table to the other end of your daybed. You could also put a small tray of resin with some ornaments on the table at the end. You can also add a tiny plant pot over the table. Next, select a larger plant to place in the back of your couch. This will provide the daybed with the classic look of a sofa. Finally, include a macramé or frame to the wall behind for the final touch. Also, you could consider adding an extra small coffee table on the side of the daybed, with a trundle. It should be simple to move since you’ll be pulling the bed trundle in and out from under the daybed.

How manufacturers turned a trundle bed into a couch

According to the saying, there is a trundle-style daybed that fits every room and every budget. Daybeds with trundles can be an ideal solution to numerous issues in the living space. The daybed can use as both a bed and an extra couch. This is why we love them:

  • Instead of purchasing a sofa and a guest bed, which both consume space, daybeds that have Trundles can be used both to create a sofa or bed.
  • It is easy to make use of a trundle daybed within the family room. Different styles of daybeds that have Trundles can match the style of your living room. Do not forget to apply the suggestions we talked about in the previous article!
  • Young adults are more likely to host many guests. Daybeds with trundles appear modern and are also affordable. This is why they’re ideal for teenagers who recently moved into a new home or apartment and want to keep entertaining guests or friends. With the couch in place, you’ll be able to entertain guests. You can then pull out the bed once your guests quit.
  • Because daybeds are built with three walls. They can easily arrange with cushions and throw over them, and then converted into couches. This makes them ideal for reading or other activities. Combine them with a bookcase to create a fantastic “study.”
  • While bunk beds will always be at the top of the list of furniture options for a kids’ room, A daybed with a trundle could be an option for young children. They’re not as high, and you can let your toddlers sleep in the bed (unlike bunk beds made for 6 years old and up).


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