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How to modulate small spaces easily?

You are separating without partitioning, such as the challenge of small spaces. Several solutions will allow you to consider modulating your rooms as you wish. Retractable screens, soundproof curtains, wire curtains, Japanese panels, shelving. You have many options to choose from! 

Why easily modulate your interior spaces?

Organize the space to save space, create an extra room without moving, or optimize your interior. There are several reasons you want to modulate the areas in your interior.

The trend is for open spaces. Therefore, it is necessary to look for ways to create differentiated spaces inside without dividing everything.

There are several solutions to divide and decompartment your interior as you see fit: screen, glass ceiling, furniture such as partition, curtain, etc.

use a screen

The screens quickly obtain a temporary partition to create a separation in a room. The screen is generally made of 3 or 4 shutters, made of wood or fabric. If you need to get well mastermind and beautified rooms get luxury apartments in Lahore.

This decorative object is functional and can be used in different ways in your interior:

  • In a living room: the screen can delimit the space between the living room and its entrance if the latter opens directly into the living room. You can also create an office area in your living room or create a space dedicated to meals.
  • In a bedroom – If your bedroom is quite large, you can use a screen at the head of the bed to get a cocoon area. You can also separate the bathroom from the bedroom with a loft-style main suite.

In the same style, just as modern and Asian-inspired, you can install Japanese signs using a system of rails fixed to the ceiling.

Install a canopy

Very popular among lovers of interior decoration, the canopy creates a temporary partition, keeping the brightness in the room. A workshop-style glass ceiling allows you to modulate your interior in a designer way easily.

Canopies are typically used to replace or create partitions and replace a door. Like the screen, they are suitable for installation in certain house rooms.

  • In the kitchen: A glass partition prevents all kitchen odors in the house. It maintains a light, and by opting for a model with a door, communication between the kitchen and your living room is not cut off.
  • A glass ceiling makes it easy to create a small bedroom or guest room without climbing the walls in a loft apartment.
  • In an entryway: By opting for a modular glass ceiling, you can create a separation between the hall and the living room.
  • In a room – A glass ceiling can divide a bathroom without losing its shine, especially if you have a windowless bathroom area.

Have a room divider

Here is a practical and economical solution to divide a room or quickly adjust its distribution. If you want to create separate spaces in a living room or a large living room, install a large bookcase as a partition.

Choose a designer model in metal with a wireframe or excellent wood to preserve the light in the room. Therefore, you can compose your partition by nesting as many shelves as you like! A bespoke creation that, once filled with books, plants, and decorative objects, will serve as a partition to isolate an office or a dining room, for example.

Opt for a fabric partition

Another economical solution to divide a room or modulate its layout is to install curtains. It is an easy solution to separate a bathroom from a bedroom or organize your living room as you wish.

Please curtains in a neutral tone so that it integrates into your decoration. Beige or gray linen or cotton curtains are suitable for any room in the house.


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