How to naturally treat hair loss?

How to naturally treat hair loss

How to naturally treat hair loss

How to naturally treat hair loss

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How to naturally treat hair loss?

Hair loss is also called alopecia. It is a phenomenon dreaded by women and men to a lesser extent. Men, at least some of them are even considered sexier when they lose their hair. But for women, baldness is not yet likely to become a fashion. And many of them panic, and rightly. So because it is the symbol of their femininity that crumbles. When they notice in the shower or front of the mirror that their hair is falling at a rate abnormally sustained.

It is not cosmetic products and other hair creams that are lacking in the shops to allow manufacturers to take advantage of the distress of these poor women who are waiting their turn to enter the increasingly large club of those who will have a cancerous appearance. The problem is that the effectiveness of these products is far from being validated. But the inaccessibility of their untenable prices is true.

If you recognize yourself in these lines, what would you say rather a have confidence, once is not custom, in the limitless restorative power of mother nature. And instead, it favors a natural remedy but not without effect to treat your galloping alopecia.

Three natural products known for their excellent repairing and nourishing power for the hair are to be used without moderation.


Eggs, due to their high protein content, have a repairing and nourishing power for all hair. Knowing that the central role of a protein in the body is to repair and build (all tissues), you will quickly understand that this is also valid for the structure of the hair, which, like any tissue in the body, needs protein in large quantities. It is also the lack of protein over the long term that causes alopecia.

All you need to do is beat two eggs in a bowl and apply them directly to your scalp, making sure to take the time to massage deeply to penetrate well. After being confident that the scalp has received its grade, you can use it for the length of the hair. It is for 20 minutes that you will let the eggs take effect on your head before thinking of rinsing.

The eggs are to be used without moderation. At each of your showers, if you want, you can pair them with your usual shampoo.

Olive oil.

Olive oil has the particularity, in addition to its countless number of benefits, of blocking the production of the hormone responsible for alopecia, DHT. This will involve applying the olive oil as you would with the eggs, massaging the wet scalp. But in less quantity, olive oil. A little will suffice. You let it sit for 45 minutes, yes I know it’s a long time. You have to be patient, that’s how life has nothing for nothing. The most effective is to leave the oil on your head overnight, covering it with a shower cap immediately after application. Knowing that the central role of a protein in the body is to repair and build.


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