How To Rectify QuickBooks Error 557 Quickly and Effectively

QuickBooks Error 557 occurs once you try to download payroll updates after upgrading QuickBooks to a more modern version. QuickBooks payroll is critical in accounting tasks because it can ease multiple accounting tasks in QuickBooks. Not receiving regular updates for it can result in multiple problems and might cause chaos for your daily accounting tasks. It’s a requirement for QuickBooks to undergo new updates to stay up with the ever-increasing demands of the user. Hence, updates are a necessary component to stay any application up and running. Not receiving them timely can result in errors like this one. Therefore, you’ll receive technical issues and errors while downloading a payroll update.

You can get in grips with the QuickBooks Professional team at +1-(855)-948-3646 to induce support and assistance for this error.

Reasons For Error 557 In QuickBooks

Multiple reasons can trigger this error on your screen. you must comprehend these causes as knowing them will only benefit you. Getting the cause right for your error can lead you to an accurate solution quickly. Hence, seeing its importance, a number of the explanations for the error are discussed below:

1. An incomplete or corrupt installation of QuickBooks.
2. Any incomplete or wrong update for the QuickBooks software.
3. Improper shutting can give birth to a Windows crash resulting in this error.
4. Any malicious malware or virus attack.
5. Incorrect configuration of QuickBooks.
6. Deletion of necessary files from the directory.

With the explanations for the error in mind, you’ll bear the symptoms, which are discussed within the next section.

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Symptoms For QuickBooks Payroll Error 557

You should remember of the symptoms of the error, as knowing them will only allow prompt action to resolve the error. you ought to explore for specific signs that the error can display or trigger throughout the system. a number of the symptoms for the error are discussed below:

1. The error can display a slip message on the screen which reads, “Error 557: QuickBooks has encountered an issue and desires to shut. We are pitying the inconvenience.” If the error doesn’t get resolved, you may see the error message multiple times.
2. you’ll be able to expect poor or sluggish performance from your Windows system.
3. A sudden or sharp call internet speed.

Now with the symptoms understood, it’s best you finally understand some solutions to tackle this error.

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Methods To Resolve Error Code 557 In QuickBooks

There are some methods you’ll undertake to mend this error. Your approach depends entirely on the reason behind your error. All solutions fix a specific cause. Hence, it’s essential to know the rationale for your error so explore for a solution from down below:

Method 1: Use System Restore

Using System Restore in Windows may be a standard thanks to fix this error. If the explanation for your error is irregular Windows functioning, then you’ll be able to implement the steps given below:

1. log in to your system using an Administrator user ID and password.
2. Click on the beginning button. you’ll click on Accessories, then System Tools, and eventually System Restore.
3. Choose a restore point you created earlier. you’ll also select an automatically created restore point.
4. Click on Next and expect the System Restore.
5. Once you’re finished with the System restore, you’ll restart the Windows.
6. After the restore process gets accomplished, you’ll be able to restart the QuickBooks application.

Implement the following set of steps if these measures don’t seem to be enough to resolve your error.

Method 2: Run a whole Malware Scan

Running a malware scan can help eradicate this error and not just QuickBooks Error 557 but various other types of malware moreover. Malware can cause potential Windows problems, so it’s necessary to test your computer for any virus or malware. Always confirm to wash your system junk that has cache files and temporary files. you’ll be able to undoubtedly undo or reverse a recent change in Windows to avoid this error.

Method 3: Update QuickBooks

Updating QuickBooks to the most recent or the newest release can help remove this error. Execute the steps stated below:

1. to try and do automatic updates, you’ll be able to move to the assistance menu and choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
2. Move to the Update Now tab. you’ll also select the Reset Update checkbox to clear all the historical downloads.
3. prefer to Get Updates to start the download process.
4. Restart QuickBooks when the download gets finished.
5. Accept the choice to put in the new updates.


You can undoubtedly fix QuickBooks Error 557 with the approaches mentioned during this blog. Remember that there are multiple ways to implement the updates in QuickBooks. This blog covers only 1 method, and you’ll be able to take whatever process you will want. the identical goes for the explanation for the error. Numerous reasons are accountable for this error, so confirm to implement an answer as per the explanation. For the steps that are mentioned, ensure to execute them correctly to resolve this error quickly and safely.

You can call the Payroll Customer Services Team at +1-(855)-948-3646 for any more queries.

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