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How To Remove Silicone Lube From Cloth?

If you are looking for a way to remove silicone lube from cloth, you are going to need a few items of equipment. First, you will need a pair of pliers with small enough jaw openings to fit your fingers and the suction cups. Also, you will need something to soak up the liquid with like a sponge or paper towel so that it does not drip down and get on your clothes. Here is how to remove silicone lube from cloths without damaging anything.

The first thing you want to do is remove as much of the lube from the sheets as possible. Put a lot of air in the area to work with so that there is some vapor being expelled instead of liquid. Then use the pliers to pull the cloth tight. This should pull all the lube out of the fabric. Be careful to not pull too much though or you may puncture the fabric.

Best Way To Remove Silicone Lube From Cloths

Next, you will need something to put the cloth onto that will keep it soaked up. You can use talcum powder or some petroleum jelly. Just be sure that whatever you choose does not have any abrasive chemicals in it. Chemicals can damage the cloth and make it more susceptible to having holes in it. There are large strips of cloth available that are coated with a chemical that repels oil. Those can be found at almost every grocery store. Get more details about how to remove silicone lubricant from fabric here.

Using those cloths, you will want to scrub off the chemicals that were on the clothing. However, be careful not to get them on your skin or eyes. If you do, clean them off immediately with soap and water. If they are still wet when you get them off, you can put them in the microwave for about thirty seconds to get them hot again.


After you have washed the cloth, it is a good idea to leave it to air dry. The best thing for doing this is putting it in the microwave for a few minutes to get it hot again. Do not use the machine for anything else as it will get damaged. The cloth should have dried by the time you go out in public. When you are finished drying it, store it in a cool, dry place.

When you have cleaned the cloth and it no longer has any lube on it, you may want to just throw it away. Some people will use it over again to dehydrate clothes that have gotten really dirty. Others may want to use it once in a while just to restore the original lube to their clothing. It is up to you. The Lube Cleanser is one of the best lube brands which provides various types of lubes.

After you have used the cleaner, you will want to wait a few hours before wearing the clothes. The reason you want to wait is to allow the chemicals to sink into the fabric of the shirt or item. Wait at least eighteen hours before you wear it. If you do not wait, it will leave chemicals on your items even after they are washed. This can actually make them stink, which is something nobody wants.

Final Words

Using the cleaner to remove lube from clothes will not harm you. In fact, it will help you to save money on the things you buy. When you get rid of the chemicals that companies use, you will see your money start going back into your bank account. Also, read about health related posts here.

It is better for the environment and for your body to remove the toxins instead of buying things you may not need. Be sure to follow the above tips to remove silicone from cloths the safe way.

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