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How to Select a Stunning Sofa that Lasts Forever?

1. Check the Frame:

The frame is an integral part of a sofa. A strong frame means a lasting sofa that will serve you for years. When it comes to a metal sofa, you have many options – starting from wood, metal, and plastic. Avoid frames made from plastic and metal as they may crack and warp quickly. Wood comes up as the most popular choice for frames. Inwood, you have two options – soft and hardwood. The popular softwood trees used for making frames include Pine, Redwood, Red Cedar, etc. The furniture made from softwood trees is cheap but warps or wobbles after a few years.

Frames made from hardwood trees like Oka, White Ash, Maple, Red Alder, etc., come as an excellent choice for frames and furniture. They are costly but give perfect value for money as they last for a long time.

2. Ask About Joinery:

A-frame constitutes joints at various places. The sturdiness of the frame depends a lot on the strength of its joint. A solidly constructed frame would have wooden dowels, metal screws, wooden corners, and brackets to fix the joint firmly at the place. The nails and staples may act as extra reinforcement. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you don’t go for a sofa that has only nails and glues to hold it together. Don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson about frame joinery.

3. Test Strength of springs:

Nowadays, most sofas come up with serpentine springs. These springs give nice support to the couch but loosen over some time. It is better to go with modern sofas that are hand-tied with springs. They are durable and comfortable. It is the reason that they are very comfortable. Never buy sofas without springs. They are uncomfortable and fragile.

4. Feel The Fillings:

It is essential to check the filling of the sofa you are planning to buy. Leather Sofas filled with Polyurethane are cheap but not that durable. Polyester fibre is another low-priced option but flattens quickly. Couches filled with duck and goose feathers are cosy but tend to clump over some time. Moreover, I need constantly refilling that adds up to the cost. A down Polyfiber is economical but flattens up fast. The High Resilient Form comes up as the best option. They are expensive but offer you perfect value for money as they are durable and low on maintenance. Never compromise on the quality of feeling. It is better to spend a little more to get the best because the sofa is one of the items that cannot be changed frequently.

5. Choose Durable Textile:

Fabrics take up the wear & tear. Hence, it is essential to choose a durable material. When it comes to choosing the material, you should also consider the people who are going to use it. For instance, silk and Velvet look stunning but not good if you have small kids at home. Leather looks classy, easy to maintain, but expensive. Printed Fabrics are resistant to stains and smartly blend with the interior of the home.

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