How to Ship Bath Bomb Boxes Safely: The Easy Way!

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out how to ship bath bomb boxes safely. You know you should just pack them in a box, right? But how do you get them in that box without them breaking? You need to decide whether to go the cheapest route, or just go with the safest option available. If you do it right, and follow the simple steps laid out below, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Fortunately, the process is very simple. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the safest way to ship bath bombs?

The safest way to ship bath bombs is with a padded mailer. These mailers have plenty of protection for your bath bombs and come shrink-wrapped, ready to be personalized with your name, address, and the contents of your order. If you are unsure of the safe method to employ, we highly recommend the padded mailer option.

The next best thing is to use a box that is plain and white. You can either use a shipping box or a simple white can. If you are shipping a large quantity of bath bombs, consider hiring a professional to help with the storage and shipping. If you are sending a smaller number of bath bombs, consider using a smaller box to save on storage costs.

How to pack bath bombs securely?

When you are ready to ship your orders, it is time to get to work on securing your package.

  • First and foremost, you must tape the top and bottom of the box so that moisture cannot escape.
  • Next, use clear packing tape to line the opening of the box.
  • Finally, use twine or a ribbon to tie the whole lot together.

This secure packaging will help to prevent your bath bombs from getting broken during shipping.

Things to consider when shipping bath bombs

First, and foremost, you must secure your packages at all times. This includes tapeing the box, lacing the box, and securing your packages with twine, ribbon, etc.

Next, consider the weight of your items. If you are sending very light items, such as a single bath bomb or a bath bomb set, you can always add tape around the bottom to help to secure the box.

However, if you are sending a large number of bath bombs, you should probably look into the safest way to ship bath bombs. If you are going the cheaper route, simply packing them in a box is the safest option.

Don’t ship bath bombs in the event

In the event of a pandemic, or some other natural disaster, you should not ship bath bombs in a box. Instead, you should find a safe place to store them until you are ready to ship them.

This way, if the power goes out, or if an earthquake hits, you won’t have to spend the time and energy looking in order to find your bath bombs.

If you are storing them in a safe place, such as a basement or a vaults, you can even try to put some of them in a large box. This will help to keep them safe from light, and from any harmful items that may get inside the box.

Wrap bath bombs in cellophane

When you are all done securing your order, it is time to give your bath bombs some protection.
The first thing you need to do is cover your order in cellophane. This will help to keep any moisture outside the package.

While it is not the most sophisticated method, and many may consider it “crack-proof”, we recommend the crack-free cellophane option.

Next, use cling film to line the top and the bottom of the custom boxes. This will help to prevent any moisture from getting inside the box, thus affecting the safety of your order.

Don’t over-pack bath bombs

Over-packing your bath bombs is one of the most common mistakes people make.
When you over-pack a bomb, you are basically adding air to an already-full box. This simply will not work.
First and foremost, when you are adding air to a bomb, you are actually increasing the volume of the bomb. As the bomb’s pressure increases, it can cause the item inside it to burst. This could mean expensive bath bombs, or even life-threatening ones could be destroyed in the process. So, try to keep your over-packing under control.

Wrapping up!

So, there you have it – how to ship bath bombs safely! Remember, the more expensive your order, the more secure your shipment should be.

You should also try to go with the safer method when you can. The padded mailer option is the safest way to ship bath bombs while using a box is the next best thing.

If you decide to go with the cheaper method, or if you are not sure of the safest way to transport them, don’t worry! As long as you follow the simple steps listed above, you will successfully ship your bath bombs and they will reach their destination in one piece.

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