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Moving can be stressful and complicated. The process of Transport for fragile items can make things more difficult because of their sentimental and economic value. Let’s find out the best way.

It is important to remember that fragile objects can vary in their fragility and should not be wrapped in the same manner for transport. Also. you should know the size of your moving truck.

However, some guidelines can be used to help us decide what materials we need to pack to begin the process of moving and packing fragile objects.

  • Electronics that need to be transported should be kept in the original product boxes. You must make sure you have the correct dimensions and fill in any gaps with polystyrene if you don’t have them.
  • Place a FRAGILE sign on each side of the boxes. It’s also convenient to indicate which direction you are going and whether you can place packages on top.
  • You can purchase specialized protective products.
  • You can use old sheets or blankets. They can also be used to protect fragile parts if they aren’t being used.



You can say that packing glassware (glasses, glasses, and plates, is the most secure. Use newspaper to keep the pieces from touching one another.

Put heavy objects into boxes. That is, if you pack glasses and glasses, the glasses should come first, and the glasses last.

Before you place any dishes in the box, cover the bottom with crumpled paper, then insert each object vertically, filling in any empty spaces with paper.

To add more elements to the top, you will need to cover the area with more papers, fill the gaps with additional sheets, and seal it with packing tape.

It is important to label each box with the words FRAGILE, and the place where it is located so that there is no confusion when transporting the dishes.



Vases are fragile elements par excellence, and they are often very expensive. It is recommended to use special protection when transporting vases made of ceramic or glass.

  • To avoid friction, wrap the vase with tissue paper
  • Use crumpled paper to fill the vase’s interior.
  • Wrap the protruding pieces with bubble wrap, then pack the whole piece in a compact container.
  • It may be worth it to use foam packing bags if the vase’s value is high. Include two pieces of the vase in the box.



Display cases are usually made from wood and glazed parts. They can be different sizes, shapes, weights, or both. However, one thing is certain: they require great care.

The best thing to do in the glass areas is to place cardboard. In the event of a slight breeze, waves will travel along the entire surface, which is not possible if the item were wrapped with blankets and paper bubbles. This could cause it to break.

It is important to seal the cardboard so that it does not escape during lifting or transport.

It is better to pack removable parts, such as shelves separately, regardless of what material they are made from. You can place multiple of them in one package if they are made from glass.


If the original box from the TV is not available to transport the item most efficiently, an alternative solution must be found.

Flat-screen LCD TVs of today are delicate and thin. The slightest touch can make them useless.

Measure the TV before you go to a manufacturer of cardboard boxes. This will allow you to get a box that isn’t too large but that has enough space to store packing material which will protect it during transport.

Cover the screen with a blanket to protect it from scratching and cushion any blows. It may only take two turns to turn the TV. If it does not, you can use masking tape or tape to adjust the screen.


Mirrors can be expensive, fragile, and potentially dangerous. A breakage could result in serious injury. Therefore, they should be packed with extra care and transported with great care.

First, place an adhesive tape in a cross shape that runs from vertex to vertex of the mirror. This will prevent it from exploding into a million pieces. However, it won’t stop it from breaking in the event of a blow.

  • Prevents scratches from the corners when hanging it again after transport.
  • Wrap the mirror with bubble wrap or cardboard and seal it with packing tape. Then, place it in a flat, suitable for its size, and fill the space with a bubble.
  • Don’t forget to include the FRAGILE Label in all areas. You should also seal it with good masking tape.

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