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How You can Clean Rugs with a Pressure Washer

Rugs and carpets are good options for adding some comfort and warmth to your house. But they can become very dirty and you may find it difficult to clean them. You can clean rugs by using a power washer for cleaning the rugs thoroughly without causing any damage on them. When it is about cleaning expensive rugs, make sure you clean them from the professionals only. Since the rugs are not small to clean in washing machine, using a pressure washer can be a good option for them.

With daily vacuuming, your rugs and carpets will appear good for a long time. Most vacuum cleaners can help to eliminate the dirt deep within the rug pile. Using a stain spot remover will keep the carpet and rug in better condition for occasional surface spills. You can power wash your rugs for deep and thorough cleaning to restore them to their actual look.

How power washer cleans your rug

Power washers use high-pressure water for cleaning the surfaces. The amount of pressure from these machines can control cleaning power. Use low-pressure tip for rug cleaning as high powered stream will cause damage to the rug than cleaning it.

You can add some detergent to pressure washer basin for washing the rug and losing some grime and dirt. If there is a detergent option in your pressure washer, then you can add it to a bucket and use a brush for rubbing soap into your rug.

Important steps for not damaging carpet rug

This kind of cleaning is very effective but you should take some caution for your carpet or rug. Below are some tips to consider before washing your rug.

  1. Consider the location –You need to select an area that is clean for placing your rug. A patio outside with good drainage is the right place to start. The rug should be flat on the ground and outdoor cleaning is the only place for rug cleaning.
  2. Pressure washer –All pressure washers will work and the right selection is the kind of tip you use. You may begin with lower power tip and wide spray pattern. Make sure you do not hold the band tip very close but work from a distance to prevent any damage to your rug. Avoid using hot water for rug cleaning as pressure washer is enough for this job.
  3. Brush and detergent –You need to select the kind of                                                                                                                                                                               fabric for your rug preparation and see the detergent is safe for that fabric. Use carpet cleaner or gel stain remover and rub small amount on stained parts with a brush or soft bristle.

How to keep your carpet ready for washing

You can begin cleaning your rug by vacuuming thoroughly before taking it out from your house. This way, you can eliminate all the dirt and dust from the rugs and carpets in order to make them clean and dirt-free.

Lay rug out on a solid area and spray over it with pressure washer. You can get rid of tough stain marks by using the stain remover. Rub or scrub liquid detergent when your carpet or rug requires thorough and deep cleaning.

Necessary instructions to power wash your rug

  1. Lay out rug and carpret – You need to layout carpet or rug flat on clean outdoor surface.
  2. Treat stains– You can begin by treating the largest stains that might require little more elbow grease.
  3. Set up pressure washer– Turn on your pressure washer to clean carpet or rug and give it a thorough cleaning.
  1. Clean carpets and rugs – Use pressure washer in sweep motion to eliminate dirt from the fibers in the carpet or rug. Try to work in one direction so that there is no dirt on them.
  2. Flip your rug – It is a good idea to flip carpet or rug for cleaning it quickly.
  3. Wash carpet and rug – You have to flip the carpet or rug in the right side for giving it another wash. This will enable to remove the dirt out from your rug or carpet.
  4. Switch off power washer – After the carpet is clean, make sure you switch off pressure washer. By putting it away correctly, you will be able to use it easily in future.
  5.  Dry carpet after wash – You should keep the rug and carpet lay out flat as it dries so it won’t form any crease. Give sufficient time to dry before putting the carpet back in your house.

Thus, you can clean rug with a pressure washer and make it appear now. This way, you give carpets and rugs deep cleaning and add more life to your house. Pressure washers are a great option for keeping your house dirt free. You may hire a professional rug cleaner who can help to increase lifespan of your rugs and carpets with regular cleaning and vacuuming.

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