How You Can Find Best accountants in Guildford

Are they qualified? 

What to look for in an accountant when choosing an accountant for your company.

When choosing an account, you should look for an accountant’s qualifications and experience. If they are qualified, they will be associated with a relevant professional body such as Acca and ICAEW. At Sherwin Currid Accountancy we have qualified bookkeepers, certified, chartered and Best accountants in Guildford. We make sure that the accountants in our firm have professional competence and strictly adhere to the ethical code of conduct. This includes objectivity, integrity, cofendiciality, professional competence and due care, professional behavior. Since as your accountant we will be dealing with confidential. Sensitive information we make sure that we keep it conference and not disclose it to anyone.

Easy to speak to

They must be pleasant as well as you must feel at ease talking with them. This is essential to feel comfortable with your accountant as you speak to your accountant for the first time. It is advisable to discuss the costs they’ll be charging. For instance, is it possible that they are charging you for an hour, or will they be charging you a quarterly or annual package? Discuss what you expect from them as well as what they will expect from you. The more clear the communication between you and your accountant, the better for your business and you. It is not a problem asking questions regarding tax and accounting.

It is possible to ask your accountant be able to clarify to you exactly what numbers are and how they impact your business. As a business owner it’s not required to know everything about the financial aspects of your company. Your accountant must know this and be able to answer all of your questions with patience. It is important to hire an accountant who doesn’t only create your accounts and financial statements, but can also clearly explain the numbers.

Meeting deadlines

An excellent accountant is an accountant who delivers punctually. He will request any necessary information to complete the account on time. He will ensure that there are no penalties paid. A professional accounting professional will keep you informed of deadlines on time instead of relying on you to remember the dates.

Communications Skills

An excellent accountant is one with excellent communication abilities. They keep you informed and in the loop about everything they are doing.

good accountant will keep you informed. If your deadline was on 7 Feb and your accountant usually submits by 27 Jan. However due to some reason the accountant won’t be able to do it this month it would be good for you if they tell you clearly that due to some reason. They won’t be able to submit it until 6th Feb. When you are informed you will have a better understanding of the situation. This will also show an attitude of accountability towards the client. The client will then be more trusting of the accountant.

Size of the company in addition to the dimensions of the company

When searching for an accountant their size should be in line with the scale of your business. If, for instance, you have an entrepreneur with a small size, you should select an accountant who is a small company. If you’re a new or growing company, you must look for medium to large companies. Sherwin Currid Accountancy works with small, medium-sized and large size companies.


Also, you should ensure that your accountants are experienced in the particular type of business you’re engaged in. If, for instance, you are involved in real estate, it is advisable to go to an accountant with had experience working in the residential real estate sector. Your accountant ought to be able to inform you often that mistakes were made by the client in this field and can also gain from the mistakes made by the client. At Sherwin Currid Accountancy we work with an extensive number of clients working in the field of real estate, Start-Ups, Sole Traders and Landlords, if you’re renting your property, we’ll be able to advise you on your business’s structure and the tax implications.

Sherwin Currid Accountancy as one of the top accounting firms located in Guildford is able to serve a range of clients including freelancers, contractors or sole proprietors, and small-scale business owners.

Because we are a group of chartered Best accountants in Guildford, we’ll not just handle the bookkeeping for you but provide you with expert and impartial assistance with your financial issues. For instance, we’ll inform you of the best way you can run your business. Whether it’s limited liability sole proprietorship or partner. We’ll even inform you, based on your personal circumstances why you should change to a different structure in order to lower taxes.

Are they accessible to the public?

When you’re looking for the best accountant in Guildford you need an accountant who is accessible. We are available via phone if you’d like to discuss any issue with us. You can also visit our office with your accounting professional.

Here at Sherwin Currid Accountancy Although the entire group of accounting professionals will be handling your accounts. There is one accountant who is specifically suited to you, who will handle all communications with you. This is to prevent confusion and to ensure consistent work. If one accountant is assigned to the client, this creates an improved rapport, and the accountant will get to understand the client and his business very well. As Sherwin Currid Accountancy have best Best accountants in Guildford you can get our best services.

Efficient Accounting Approach

We utilize efficient accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero and Freeagent to ensure that your work gets done effectively and not just your tax returns and taxes are completed on time. However, you also have all the financial data associated with your business so that you can make well-informed decisions.

We at Sherwin Currid Accountancy located in Guildford have the best accountants in Guildford who always be happy to serve you. Please reach out to as at 0800 135 7157 or mail us at

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