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Impressive Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes Before Bed

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Lean muscle building comes with a high protein diet. Shunt out those high-carb diets and go with protein shakes either the first thing in the morning or after a workout or just before hitting the bed. Benefits of drinking a protein shake before bed are the best way to ensure you get to hit your daily protein target. But the question remains how much protein does the body need? It depends on various factors like age, lifestyle, and many more factors. In a day approx these are the respective recommended dietary dosages-

  • Babies 10 grams.
  • Young Children 19-34 grams.
  • Teenage boys/girls need up to 52/42 grams.
  • Adult men/women 56/46 grams. 
  • According to the Institute of Medicine, you should get at least 10% of your daily calories, but not more than 35%, from protein.

ON whey protein is a must and has to be included in everyone’s diet, for they are the building blocks of the body. The body all around the day constantly breaks proteins down and puts them back together. There is a reason why gym freaks and avid fitness enthusiasts who are into high-intensity exercise routines like resistance training end up breaking down more protein than usual which can cause malnutrition and severe tissue breakdown. All of it can be avoided with a protein-rich diet all day long, or how about drinking a protein shake before bed. Yes, read on and explore the benefits of drinking a protein shake before bed.

Benefits of Drinking a Protein Shake Before Bed


  • Reduce Hunger & Cravings

After 7 to 8 hours of extended sleep, the first thing in the morning is that you shall wake up with hunger pangs. One benefit of drinking a protein shake before bedtime is that you shall not be as hungry as you used to be once you wake up. So what is taking care of your hunger pangs, or what is keeping you not craving those carbs or fat? 

A big thanks to proteins that lower the level of hormone ghrelin for long hours. With the level of ghrelin low, you are bound to feel less hungry. What happens is that when the craving sets in, we generally give up as the hormone ghrelin makes us crave food. It ensures that we find it most challenging to stick to our diet-drinking a protein shake before bedtime shall help you reach your fitness goals without making you utterly hungry when you wake up.

  • Burn That Stubborn Fat

Burning fat is more or less a mathematical equation. The rule is to consume fewer calories, burn more than you consume, and find yourself reducing weight. When you start drinking a protein shake before bedtime, it won’t necessarily burn fat there and then but, over time, it will help you control hunger and burn more calories. It shall make you resort to high protein intake, essential to burn fat and eventually lose weight. 

  • Improved Recovery With Increase Strength 

Those engaged in high-intensity workouts that challenge the body to the extreme must realize that it is essential for the body to recover from such strenuous exercises before you benefit from such intense workouts. The recovery comes with proteins as they lay the foundation of a healthy body, so make sure you get to maintain the positive protein balance of the body. 

Studies have shown that people who consume protein before bed can recover better with more power from strenuous workouts. So without pondering it over more, give your body the boost of high-quality protein shakes available with Source Of Supplements. 

How Much Protein Does The Body Need & Who Should Have A Protein Shake Before Bed?

Let us first understand who doesn’t need to have a protein shake before bed. Anyone leading a sedentary lifestyle need not add protein to the diet as it would only result in unwanted calories. If you have had any trouble after having a protein shake before bed earlier, it is best to skip it and enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Now, who all should have and shall benefit from a protein shake before bed.

  • Ones who need recovery from strenuous workouts as their goal is of ultimate fitness.
  • Once you feel a nutritional gap of protein in their diet and want to supplement it with rich protein shakes.
  • Ones who are on a diet and suffer from midnight cravings but don’t want to gain weight should have protein shakes before bedtime to satiate their hunger cravings.
  • Ones trying to gain weight and not lose can have protein shakes at bedtime as it shall boost 150 cal calories by the end of the day, which can help you reach your calorie target.

Our final take:

It is your call whether you want to take protein shakes before bedtime, right before when you wake up in the morning, as everyone has their own fitness goals and orbit around that. We can assure you any protein supplement sourced from the Source of Supplements will give an extra edge to you to reach out to your fitness goals.

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