In Search of Exotic Soul-Touching Natural Fragrance?

Essential oils derived from botanicals have become a critical source of natural fragrance, flavor, and wellness supplements. Different regions with distinct climates, soils, and rainfall levels produce different plants that lead to the derivation of a plethora of diverse essential oils. Essential oil manufacturers extract these fragrant potions by steam distillation, solvent extraction, and CO2 extraction process as per the nature of botanicals.

South Asia – A Land Rich in Flora Providing Myriad of Natural Fragrances

Nature endows tropical and subtropical regions with variety of flora due to the existence of different climatic and soil conditions. South Asia is one such region with botanical diversity, making it a foremost distinct essential oils producing region. It is the land that is concentrated with essential oil manufacturers and suppliers that provide not only the most sought-after exotic and distinct natural essential oil but also a range of pure spice oils. 

India, Sri Lanka, and China have been the leading essential oil-producing countries in the world. Many essential oils manufacturers in these countries provide distinct herbaceous, woody, sweet, floral essential oils and many more. Several environmentally conscious users prefer organic essential oils. For them, a significant number of organic essential oils suppliers in India provide such oils that cater to their requirements in terms of content, fragrance, and sometimes taste and wellness properties.

Natural Fragrance

Aromatherapists always use therapeutic-grade essential oils that are rich in wellness quotient and aroma. They extensively use herbaceous essential oils such as basil, ajwain, caraway, camphor, celery seed, costus root, sage and many more. To treat various ailments in aromatherapy. Besides, they deploy floral and lemony oil to de-stress and sweet and woody oils to calm and balance the mind. 

Bergamot, bitter orange, lemongrass, lime, and lemon essential oils are widely available in India. Besides, cedarwood (Himalayan), rosewood, Kashmiri lavender, spikenard, sandalwood, copaiba, elemi, and galangal essential oils produced in India are excellent for emotionally grounding and soothing effects in aromatherapy. Aromaaz International is a one-stop destination to get all such essential oils at the most competitive rates. It is also one of the leading organic essential oil suppliers in India.

Two Premium Fragrances From India

India is known for its two premium fragrant gifts to the world – Sandalwood and Agarwood. Both kinds of wood are precious and the users appreciate them for their mystic woody, sweet, rich fragrance. The perfume makers use them in their exotic and luxurious perfumes. The aromatic esters of sandalwood and agarwood essential oils are used to create synthetic fragrances that resemble or supersede the original aroma.

India also offers a precious, perfume oil called attar to the fragrance users world over. Attar makers offer sandalwood and agarwood attars that offer exotic, natural, ever-lasting aromas. It is important to note that the fragrance of this Indian perfume oil gets better with age as the taste of wine. Its two drops are sufficient for a day-long fragrance. Aromaaz International provides a wide range of distinctly aromatic attars made with 100% natural ingredients. 

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