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Inverted aerial yoga pose gives these 5 benefits to the body

Practicing yoga and exercise daily is very beneficial to keep the body fit and healthy. Seeing the benefits of yoga, it has been adopted by the whole world. Practicing yoga regularly not only works to keep the body fit but is also very beneficial in removing many diseases from the body. Different yoga asanas have been practiced since ancient times for every part of the body and different problems. From common man to Bollywood celebrities, everyone practices yoga to keep themselves fit. The name of the yoga pose we are going to talk about today is Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose. So let’s know in detail about Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose.

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What is Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose?

Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose is a modification of Aerial Yoga in which hanging yoga is done using fabric, Aerial Yoga is also called Anti Gravity Yoga. Silk fabric is used to perform this yoga. By means of silk fabric, the body is tied several feet above the ground, due to which the body is in the air. Doing yoga while in the air is called aerial yoga. Every move done in aerial yoga should be as per the instruction of the instructor. In fact, it is a very risky yoga. A little carelessness in this can make us crippled for life. This yoga is considered to be a combination of yoga and gymnastics, dance, acrobats etc.

Benefits of Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose to the body

The practice of Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose is considered beneficial for the body in many ways. Its regular practice strengthens the muscles and along with it, the practice of this yogasana is considered very useful in problems related to back and waist. Practicing inverted aerial yoga poses regularly is also beneficial for mental health. Practicing it daily also gives relief from the problem of stress and tension. Not only this, the risk of cardiovascular disease in people who regularly practice inverted aerial yoga poses is greatly reduced compared to other people. Regular practice of Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose provides these 5 major benefits to the body.

  1. Daily practice of Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose is very beneficial in problems related to back and waist. By doing this regularly, back and back pain are also removed.
  2. The practice of Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose is very beneficial to make the body flexible.
  3. Daily practice of this yogasana is very beneficial for the muscles of the body. By practicing inverted aerial yoga poses daily, the muscles tone and strengthen.
  4. Daily practice of Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose improves breathing. Its practice is also considered beneficial in respiratory problems.
  5. The practice of Inverted Aerial Yoga Pose is very beneficial to get rid of mental problems like stress, depression and anxiety.

How to practice:

  • Stand in Tadasana posture.
  • After this, lean backwards keeping your waist with the help of aerial cloth.
  • Keeping the fabric at the waist and hips, turn around and head down.
  • Before turning the head upside down, place the palms of both your hands on the ground.
  • Keep the soles of the feet glued to each other.
  • Take both your hands under the head and surround the head.
  • Stay in this posture for some time and breathe comfortably.
  • You can try to go round in this pose.

After that carefully come back to normal posture.

This yoga pose should always be practiced under the supervision of an expert. Aerial yoga is not beneficial for pregnant women. Apart from this, people who have had eye surgery should also keep a distance from it and patients with vertigo i.e. dizziness should also stay away from it.

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