iPhone X Screen Repair: Common Problems with iPhone X Screen

The iPhone X is unlike any of its predecessors in every way. It was the first iPhone with an OLED screen, and the first to remove the iPhone home button.

The iPhone X provides a high-quality user experience, but there are a few flaws with its premium smartphone, especially with its screen, that make most consumers annoyed, needing to give your iPhone to an authorised iPhone X screen repair centre

The iPhone X began with the inability to receive incoming calls, according to customers’ experience and feedback in most forums, and eventually mutated to include additional difficulties such as face identification issues, iPhone X screen issues, and anomalous battery depletion, among others.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most prevalent iPhone X screen issues and how to fix them.

Common Problems with iPhone X Screen 

In Cold Temperatures, The Screen Becomes Unresponsive

When temperatures drop unexpectedly, the majority of iPhone X owners experience momentary screen unresponsiveness. Although the issue is temporary, most users have expressed their dissatisfaction in online forums such as Reddit.

 The best part is that Apple is well aware of the issue and has released a software update that will resolve the problem.

To address this issue;

  • Restart your iPhone X if necessary.
  • You can also upgrade to the most recent iOS update.

Screen Burn-In

Screen burn-in is a problem that most OLED panels suffer from. Because the iPhone X has an OLED touch-screen, it is automatically susceptible to this problem. Shortly after its release, Apple cautioned users that they would encounter this issue at some point in their lives. When a screen is left on for an extended period of time, an image will tend to leave a print on it.

You can try the following

  • Apple suggests that you turn down the brightness on your phone. Pull down on the right side of your screen to launch the Control Centre and change the brightness slider to lower the brightness on your iPhone X.
  • Turn on the Auto-Lock feature. Because static images are more likely to cause burn-in, make sure that your phone’s screen turns off when you’re not using it. Go to Settings > Displays & Brightness > Auto-Lock to enable Screen-Lock. After 30/60 seconds of inactivity, set your display to turn off.


Green Line On iPhone X Screen

This is an issue that has been reported by a number of people in forums and on social media who have had issues with their iPhone X devices. The green line does not appear at the start of use. The issue only becomes apparent after you start using the device.

Some people have tried restarting their iPhone X devices, but the vertical green line that appears on the left or right edges of the screen persists. This appears to be a hardware issue. When the voltage flows wrongly on a line of green sub-pixels, this electrical problem could occur.

According to iPhone X customers, the solution is to take the phone to an authorised iPhone X screen repair and have the screen replaced or the phone fully replaced. If your device is still under warranty, you will not be charged for the repair service or the hardware replacement.  However, before that, you can try the following

  • Restart the device. 

When you have an issue with your iPhone, the first and most important thing you should do is restart it. This method cleans the RAM and clears the cache and temporary data on your iPhone, resulting in improved speed.

  • Run iPhone in Recovery Mode

Run the recovery mode on your iPhone X to resolve the issue with the green line of death. This approach will restore the most recent iOS without erasing your data, however, you should make a backup of your data just in case.

  • Dry the iPhone

Check to see whether your iPhone has been wet or moistened with water, as this can cause problems. Allow it to dry before using it. Turn off the smartphone and remove the battery as well as any other accessories. 

  • Reset Your Device

Because restoring your iPhone to factory settings erases all data, it is highly suggested that you create a backup and restore it after the reset. You may back up your data using iCloud or iTunes.

  • Check for Hardware Damage

The iPhone X green line of death issue might occur if your phone was dropped accidentally, causing damage to the screen of the iPhone X device, or if your phone has a hardware defect. 

Contact Apple Support online or visit your authorised iPhone X screen repair centre so that they may examine your iPhone device, check the hardware for any damage, and make the required repairs. They might replace the screen or the entire iPhone X device.


The iPhone X appears to have a mind of its own at times. When this happens, you may be trying to navigate when your screen goes blank. In some cases, your phone becomes completely unresponsive after extended periods of inactivity (for example, after a night’s sleep).

A force restart is the easiest option if you can tell your phone is still on since it is making a sound or you take a screenshot to listen for the shutter sound it makes. Another possibility is charging the device.

If none of the above solutions works, then you must take your iPhone X to an authorised iPhone X screen repair centre. Your technician will confirm the total costs for repair/replacement after inspecting your iPhone. A repair may be covered by the Apple warranty in some instances.

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