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Know About the Top 10 Interior Designers in Kolkata

Kolkata is a land of knowledgeable and creative people. The interior designers here are famous all around the world because they are artistic and have unique ideas to share. You will also be amazed to know that this city is considered as the country’s most diverse, historic, and cultural city. If you wish to know the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata, you need to read below-

1. Anjan Gupta Architects

Anjan Gupta Architects creates spaces that are known for their functionality and aesthetic value. The firm takes up projects related to residential sites, commercial offices, and hospitality. The sleek and simple designs offered by the team are well-known.

2. BlueMasons

BlueMasons is a profound and famous interior design company in Kolkata that takes up projects catering to residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and hospitality. The company has its presence across India. The team here offers inventive and experimental designs. 

3. Bengal Interiors

Bengal Interiors is one of the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata. The team here is talented and works efficiently to make sure that your work is perfectly done.

4. Arkzions

It is one of the fastest growing and top 10 interior designers in Kolkata that takes up both commercial and residential projects. The company offers vibrant and energetic design ideas that are loved by its clients. The fee is nominal and the company takes pride in the fact that it delivers the work in time.

5. Subha Akriti

Again, one of the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata, Subha Akriti hires a pool of talented and experienced workers. The team is focus in bringing the latest factors and technologies in the market. The company has earned a big name in the industry with its work. 

6. Max Macore

It is another interior design setup in Kolkata which is focus on offering customer satisfaction and quality of the material. The company is know for its exquisite design ideas as well as quality of work.

7. Estate Lookup Interiors

This company caters to the design needs of the people in Kolkata and the city parameters for quite some time now. The services offered by the company include 3D rendering, bathroom design, color consulting, custom furniture, custom shelving, drafting, eco homes, floor plans, etc. the company hires highly skilled workmanship and is famous for its quality of work.

8. Near Me Interior 

Running strong since 2012, Near Me Interiors was set up by a bunch of enthusiastic, young, and talented individuals. The team is professional and works with many national and international brands. The services offered by the company includes custom cabinets designing, Feng Shui Design, furniture selection, home stating, etc. 

9. Clipam Interiors 

The company takes up projects related to residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality sites. The firm is famous for offering luxurious and exhilarating designs. 

10. Marvel

The company has two decades of experience in design field. Marvel specializes in making spaces that are sustainable, inspiring, innovative, and practical. The team has years of experience in designing, planning, and creating new styles. 

If you wish to redo your house or office space, you can choose from one of the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata. You can also look for other interior designers in the city and compare their work. Always select the one who matches your budget and whose style of work impresses you.


BlueMasons is an interior design studio based out of Kolkata. It specialises in residential interior design and provides an end to end solution for home interior design including modular kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture, washrooms, false ceiling, electrical and polish work. We are available in both the budget and premium segment.

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