Life hacks to book cheap air tickets

Getting cheap air tickets is an all-time question for budgeted travelers and over the year travelers have found many hacks for it? For knowing the popular hacks, read the life hacks to book cheap air tickets.

Let’s know the life hacks to book cheap air tickets

Have flexibility with traveling locations

Everybody has a list of travel destinations they want to travel to or the places they adore. And thus, instead of choosing a destination, pick up a few of them from this list. Thus, you will have 4 to 5 travel destinations that you will like to travel to.

Like, you choose Italy and London, then check for the prices of a flight ticket reservation for roundtrips to Italy and London. Now, compare the prices and you will find the cheapest location to travel to among your choices.

Further, after finding the cheapest location, use the below hacks to book cheap flight tickets. Thus, you won’t have to postpone or cancel your travel plans because the tickets don’t fit your budget.

Check all the options

As we stated earlier, going to one booking platform and book the ticket that they claim is the cheapest isn’t how you book cheap air tickets. Because with a little research over the internet you will find that you paid extra for it. Thus, it is important to look for cheap air tickets at multiple places.

First, start looking for tickets with airlines websites and check the charges. After this, go to 3rd part air ticket booking platforms like Google and check for the ticket prices. After this, check prices with other ticket booking platforms as well like SkyScrapper, Flyustravels, and many others.

Use the price comparison software

Ticket booking platforms provide a price comparison feature that is free for use over the internet. This feature allows you to sort airlines based on prices charged and thus, you can find the cheapest flights. Further, all you have to do is visit a 3rd party travel website like Google and use its price comparison feature.

For this, you have to fill in your flying and landing destination along with the flying schedule in the dialog boxes. And then, you will land on a list of flights flying on your route along with the prices charged by them.

Now, visit another ticket booking platform like SkyScrapper, Flyustravels, Kayak, and many others and repeat the same. This is because not every ticket booking website has every airline listed with it because of varied reasons. First, some airlines try to create a brand image by being available on fewer booking platforms. While some traveling booking websites are in contract with certain airlines and thus they are given importance. Thus, it is important to at least triple-check the cheapest flights with different travel search engines.

Try not to be opposed to layovers

Well, everyone loves comfort, and thus most often while booking a flight travelers perfect nonstop flying options. However, nonstop flights charge the highest to take you from one traveling location to another. And thus, booking nonstop flights isn’t a friendly measure for getting cheap air tickets.

For travelers looking for cheap airlines the best mode to fly is by booking 2 to 3 connecting flights. For this, all you have to do is divide your trip into 2-3 layovers with the help of Google Maps. And then book flight tickets for each layover separately using travel search engines for cheap tickets.

Book each ticket separately

Well, there are various reasons to book one ticket at a time and one of them is cost saving. First, booking each ticket separately for each connecting flight helps you save more on the air tickets. And all you have to do is look for each ticket separately on a minimum of 3 travel search engines. Then compare the lowest prices and best deals available on them and book the cheapest option available. And then repeat the same process to book the rest of 1or 2 tickets needed to complete your journey.

Also, if you are booking more than one ticket then you should book only one ticket at a time. Thus, you will be able to avail the best on-the-ticket deals and enjoy budget-friendly flight tickets.


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Enjoy fast and easy search on air ticket bookings with Flyustravels and make your booking experience happy and light with the best and cheap market prices. For more information, talk to our dedicated team of travel experts at 1-800-691-3999 and let them help you simplify and ease your travel plans.

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