Limnu Vs. Dojoit

Limnu Vs. Dojoit – Online Whiteboard Comparison

This is the one of a kind online whiteboard comparison you shall find on internet. In this post, I shall convey my thoughts on Limnu Vs. Dojoit.

Limnu is quite known nowadays, but those who does not know about this super whiteboard,, let us say just this in the beginning.

Dojoit has many names, many adjectives. Among those, easiest online whitebaord for education and the fastest online whitebaord are the most relevant officially.

Limnu is the best online whiteboard tool. Well, some people say at least.

Saying the name is almost as much fun as drawing on this Whiteboard. Not to be self-serving, but Limnu is my coworkers’ preferred digital whiteboard.

If you think using a jam board is simple, Limnu is so easy to use that you’ll forget you’re using a digital online Whiteboard.

Limnu is the best online whiteboard tool. Well, some people say at least
Limnu is the best online whiteboard tool. Well, some people say at least

Focal Points About Limnu.

What makes this online Whiteboard tool stand out, and why I think people like it so much, is that drawing on the Whiteboard feels really natural and lifelike.

If you’re using a stylus, this is especially true. Take a look at what’s going on right now. I’m writing on my pen tablet in the same manner as I would on a traditional Whiteboard.

Focal Points About Limnu
Focal Points About Limnu

Limnu is distinguished for its attention to detail. Examine how the marker ink spreads unevenly, just as it would on a real Whiteboard. It’s fantastic.

A little new board on Limnu is simply an unending Whiteboard that you can zoom in and out, unlike Google Jamboard, which uses distinct panels. This implies you could essentially keep all of your notes on a single Limnu board.

On a Limnu board, you can even make pins. Then send the direct link to a pen to everyone. So that when you share the board, it takes folks precisely where you want them to go on the board.

This is, of course, a digital Whiteboard. As a result, in addition to a marker and a pen tool, you can also include:

  1. Sticky notes with text,
  2. Shapes,
  3. Lines,
  4. Arrows, and
  5. Other symbols

When I say that using these tools is a genuinely delightful experience, I’m not exaggerating. Limnu ovals and squares were a lot of fun to work with. It’s almost as if you’re drawing them out rather than simply writing them on the board.

You may also directly upload a PDF and a picture to a Limnu board, which is a secret capability. Students could annotate right on top of it this manner.

You may make this one collaborative, just like any other digital Whiteboard, by sharing it with others.

Although Limnu lacks some bells and whistles, I believe it contains the vast majority of the tools that people will use 99.9% of the time, correct? Use it yourself and make a comment.

Limnu Demerits.

The disadvantages are similar to those of a Google Jamboard, albeit this board can theoretically be made collaborative. In practice, once you have a large number of individuals on one board, it is unlikely to work successfully.

Because all collaborators have the same level of editing access, it’s especially useful if you’re working with students. As a result, you can each delete the work of the other.

It’s possible to see who’s writing on the board now, which is a little improvement. When someone else is writing, their name appears on the screen.

It’ll just be for a little while. The name disappears once the children have finished drawing on the board. So that won’t help you figure out who drew that offensive thing in class.

How much does Limnu cost?

Limnu is free for some educators and students in terms of cost.

I say some because you must be a teacher in grades K-12. I also interpret this to suggest that you must teach at a title one school, based on the Linmu website description.

You can still use Limnu for free if you don’t match those requirements. The main difference is that you’ll only have 14 days to use a board.

If you plan to utilize the free version, you should probably take a screenshot of your notes so you don’t lose them.

The paid version is reasonably priced. It’ll just set you back $5 per month. You get an unlimited number of collaborators and boards with that, ain’t that something?

Best Online Whiteboard for Education –

Best Online Whiteboard for Education -
Best Online Whiteboard for Education – makes it simple and quick for anyone to share their thoughts and work with others in real time.

It’s the world’s quickest online whiteboard collaboration tool.

Dojoit Advantages

The dashboard is where you’ll start if you want to make a board. Add a coworker to your board next. They’ll be able to sign up right away.

Any collaborator can take on the role of a contributor or a watcher. All pointers can be viewed in real time and muted if desired.

You can also share the board’s URL with others, who can then request access to the images.

What a piece of cake!

Dojoit is really user-friendly.

Easy to write, fastest among the industry

It’s quite simple to include text in your writing. To begin typing, simply move the mouse pointer to the desired area on the keyboard and begin typing.

You can use the tool palette to draw some shapes. You may quickly draw any shape you want by utilizing auto shape.

Using the pen tool and drawing, the auto shape makes flawless lines and forms with a genuine hand-drawn appearance.

Using auto shape, you won’t have to switch between different programs. Type and draw together without any stuttering or stumbling.

Images may be added to the board rapidly. An image or PDF/PPT file can be dragged and dropped or pasted in. Move and resize the image as needed once it’s in place.

What if you wish to create many copies of the same object? Using has made it ridiculously simple and fast. Using the arrows adjacent to the object, choose one or more objects and click to copy them.

If you want to communicate even more quickly, Dojoit offers a variety of extensions. Examples are

  • Wireframe.
  • Elements.
  • Templates with Icons and Stickers.

To swiftly illustrate a concept, simply drag an icon onto the canvas. If you’d like to recognize your team’s accomplishments, you can place a sticker on the board.

If you need more area, you can pan to the left, right, top, or bottom.’s sticky notes are a breeze to utilize. Sticky notes can be added. The sticky note icon can be found in the tool palette. Insert anywhere on the board by clicking.

It is possible to lock any object on the board so that it cannot be moved or deleted by accident. The lock icon on the object’s left side can be clicked to lock it.

There are several ways in which you can work with other people on the board, such as by adding files and papers to the board and then extracting them.

Render files directly on-board

Drag a file onto the board to get things started. Right-click and select “Render all pages” from the menu on the right. The document’s contents will be displayed on the board.

In addition to PowerPoint, Excel, and Word or PDF documents are all supported.

With Dojoit’s quickest online whiteboard, you can easily share a picture of your board with anyone who doesn’t need a Dojoit account.

One click is all it takes to produce a unique URL that you can distribute to anyone or post on social media.

A simple web page or app UI wireframe can be created in a matter of minutes using this method.

With, there is no scripting required to get started, making it one of the most user-friendly online whiteboards.

Take a look at how easy it is to capture ideas, collaborate with others in real time, and share your work online.

As of now, Dojoit has become my most trusted companion. All other digital whiteboards on the internet have been left behind now that I have access to one of my own.

Easiest online whiteboard
Online whiteboard software that’s the fastest
The best online whiteboard for teaching

Dojoit offers the shortest learning curve of any of the other options.

Even non-technical users and students of all grades can get the hang of it after just one day of instruction, and you may be taken in by its simplicity almost immediately.

This kind of technology has been long overdue in the field of #edtech. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s up to you now to use and review.


Which online Whiteboard is your favorite and why? Please leave a remark below! Thank you for tuning in, and I’ll see you in the future article.

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