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Liver Transplant Cost in Delhi-NCR

Liver transplants are becoming more familiar with each passing day. It is a complex surgery that involves the replacement of one’s liver with another. This may be done by using a healthy donor’s liver or a deceased person’s liver to cause a transplant in a patient. As such, their liver problems vanish, and they can start to live a healthy life like ever before. 

We all know that the liver has some significant functions to play out of all the organs in our body. So, you can imagine the loss and chaos that occurs in our bodies when the liver fails to function correctly. That is why a liver transplant may occur to restore its good health. 

Research shows that the liver transplant surgery cost in Delhi is far better than in others. If you demand to know what they are, make sure you read this article until the end. 

What Is the Liver Transplant Surgery Cost Delhi-NCR?

The starting price of a Liver transplant in Delhi NCR is Rs. 18,00,000. This is the cost of the surgery that may occur for a period of four to eight hours. The prices may, however, differ as per the recommendations of the healthcare expert or the surgeon. Thus, you have to pay attention to that comprehensively. 

This surgery can be painful when it occurs. So, doctors may provide anaesthesia to conduct the surgery successfully. Generally, people have to be hospitalized for a period of 20 to 21 days for this surgery. The duration may differ as per the doctor’s recommendation and the condition of your health. 

Many doctors may also have consultation fees of Rs. 1,350 to Rs. 1,500. That is why we recommend you to choose one as per their expertise, experience, and qualification. 

These rates are most likely to vary from one doctor to another. Make sure to visit the best doctor in your vicinity and get the best consultation possible. You can always visit the best liver transplant specialist who will help you go through the initial stages of the transplant.

What Are the Symptoms of Liver Failure?

During an acute liver failure, opting for a liver transplant may become inevitable. However, it would help if you observed the symptoms to declare anything in the first place. Even when you visit your health expert for the same reason, they will first ask you about the symptoms.

Once the diagnosis is run on you, they will decide if you need the transplantation.

Here are the general symptoms to look for- 

  • Yellowing of your skin and eyeballs (jaundice)
  • Pain in your upper right abdomen
  • Abdominal swelling (ascites)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • A general sense of feeling unwell (malaise)
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Sleepiness
  • The breath might contain a musty or sweet odour
  • Tremors

You must immediately consult a doctor on the onset of one or more of these symptoms and get yourself checked.

When Do You Need a Liver Transplantation?

The symptoms of liver failure are essential, but you also need other convincing factors for it. Let us read about them and decide upon the liver transplant surgery cost Delhi or other cities accordingly. 

End-stage liver disease is important to undergo a liver transplant. Often, people think that even if their liver is suffering from everyday problems, they need a transplant. But that is not true. Since it is a complex surgery, doctors only recommend treating those suffering from life-threatening liver conditions. 

Generally, end-stage liver disease can result from several liver conditions that have not been treated before. Cirrhosis can also be a leading contributor to the same. That is why we ask you to look out for it when in need. 

Which Is the Most Cost-effective Hospital for Liver Transplant in Delhi?

When looking for a cost-effective liver transplant hospital in Delhi, you should choose the hospital that’s most suitable for you. But apart from that, you might also want to consider the world-class team of surgeons they offer. 

The hospital also has an incredible success rate for each surgery they conduct. Since the doctors are experienced and use fine technology to treat patients, you can expect minimal inconvenience. So, whenever you are considering liver transplant surgery cost Delhi, remember this hospital when in need. 

The Bottom Line 

Liver transplants are more common now than they were one or two decades ago. But before you opt for a liver transplant, make sure to cover the basics and visit the best available experts near you. Also, be in close contact with your loved ones and help them understand what you are going through. It is essential to keep an open heart and a free mind in these times.

Do not forget to take your medicines and get your hands in the right hospital for a liver transplant on time.


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