Locked out of your premises! Now what

Unexpected damage can result in people being trapped inside the building. Often time does not allow waiting for the arrival of the master. In these cases, the problem must be solved on its own, quickly, and with the help of improvised tools.

The main causes of damage

To open the lock, you must first determine the cause of the damage. Typical reasons include:

  • Bonding is due to the gradual accumulation of dirt and dust or foreign objects entering the mechanism.
  • The door lock mechanism is worn or damaged.
  • The key is stuck in the door (this usually happens when you use a double or damaged low-quality key).
  • The door has been deformed by moisture or crooked due to improper installation.
  • The lost key for.
  • The key in the lock is broken.
  • The doorknob broke.
  • The children were accidentally locked in the room.
  • The door slammed shut, and the key remained in the room.

Depending on the reason, the design of the lock and door hinges, the availability of available tools and tools in each specific situation, a different opening method is used:

  • Autopsy with improvised key.
  • Removing the door from the hinges.
  • Remove the lock or handle.
  • The use of physical force.

The best solution is to disassemble the lock completely. In this case, the door leaf remains intact, and the lock itself can be quickly inspected. The cause of the malfunction can be identified, cleaned, lubricated, and reinstalled.

Methods of opening locks in various situations

Most interior door models do not differ in structural strength.

If the door lock is broken, do not use physical force immediately – excessive load can only aggravate the problem, permanently deactivate the lock or damage the door leaf. All actions must be done carefully and without haste.

After calmly studying the situation and identifying the cause of the problems, you can try one of the following methods:

  • This method is used for all types of faults. And the applicability depends solely on the design of the hinges.

It is not difficult to disassemble the standard hinges. With the help of a rod, a steel finger is struck by the fist that connects the hinges. The hinges are detached, and the canvas is easily removed.

It is almost impossible to remove the canvas from the hidden hinges.

The key is stuck in the lock, or the lock is blocked

  • If the key is stuck in the lock or blocked, all accessible parts must be cleaned with a stiff brush or brush (one of the reasons for such damage may be a blockage or the presence of foreign objects). After mechanical cleaning, the mechanism is lubricated with engine oil or cleaned with WD-40 aerosol.
  • You can pull the broken key out of the lock using pliers (if it is possible to grasp the place of the break) or remove it using a bent paper clip, pushing the glued piece out of the grooves.
  • A broken or weakened spring is a common cause of tongue seizures. If the tongue is stuck and the rotation of the handle or key does not move, use a ruler, plastic card, knife, or other objects. The lock can be opened by inserting a flat object into the gap between the leaf and the pin and gently pushing the tab.
  • When hitting a lock with a wrench in the shape of a key, you should carefully examine its surface – in most structures. You will find a tiny, almost invisible hole. You can unlock the lock by inserting a knitting needle, nail, or other thin metal objects into the hole and pressing it lightly.
  • If the padlock breaks, unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver or improvised means (coins, knife) and remove them.
  • If the latch moved with a sharp, several millimeters and part of it entered the corresponding. It is enough to gently press the canvas with a chisel, screwdriver, or other tools.
  • With a bent wire or paper clip, insert it into the hole and turn it gently to different depths in case of a loss.

As long as the locking device works well, many do not even think about when the key is stuck in the door lock?

Returning home becomes problematic, and if at the same time you do not know the phone number of a specialist Best Locksmith in Tampa who will help you, then generally can cause panic.

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