Make Your Loved One’s Birthday Memorable with a Gift Box!

Not all people have a clear idea of ​​what to give for a birthday. There are times when they can be more sentimental, funny, or even functional. What is clear is that we need to appreciate our loved ones with gifts very often, and surprising them is in your hands. That is why we have come up with various ideas for gift boxes like custom printed vape cartridge boxes for your partner, your friends, or a family member.

Models of gift boxes for birthdays

To get started, you need a good Kraft cardboard gift box. With this material, in addition to making a very original surprise, you will be using recycled cardboard to help the planet. Forget plastic bags with bright and garish prints, and take a step towards a more minimalist and sustainable packaging. The more elegant, the better impression it will make! Each box model can depend on whether it is a gift box for a boyfriend/girlfriend or friends. The ideal is to know what to put in each of them! It can also vary in form or content depending on the type of support used. Briefcase boxes with a kit, cardboard trays to give food as gifts, or other wonderful ideas are also available that we will see below.

Tip: If you have to make a surprise birthday gift for a gourmet person, we advise you to select the best foods you can find. For its presentation, our cardboard tray will be perfect. Placing all the products on a nest of black paper shavings gives it an elegant touch.

Trends in surprise gift boxes

When we think of a surprise gift box, we imagine a very original detail that anyone will love. We must know minimally who receives said gift since the content of each box depends on that. We can say that one of the most notable trends is to give experiences rather than objects. If that person’s tastes are clear, you can always go the easy way. For example, if your friend is a great artist or likes to start learning, an original gift would be a surprise box with an art kit. Starting with a cardboard briefcase, you can put a series of favorite items inside. It can be a notebook for watercolors, a set of various paints, and a good candle for inspiration. A personalized gift is always the best option!

As we have already mentioned, surprise birthday gift boxes can have many shapes and contents, but the important thing is that they are made with love. Personalized gifts are a trend since they are made especially for a specific person, and they are much more accurate than any other detail made without thinking. That is to say, there is not a gift that is in a particular fashion, but the fact of making one of these boxes.

How to decorate birthday gift boxes

After choosing a gift you will make, touch one of the most important parts: Here, you will see several ideas on how to decorate a gift box. Depending on how we decorate our box, we can give one impression or another from more elegant to more affectionate.

Some boxes may have a transparent lid, such as the cardboard tray with handles, perfect for batches of food. You can customize this box however you want, by adding a label with the person’s name, a dedication, or simply a note with “Happy birthday” written in beautiful calligraphy. To finish giving it a good presentation, wrap the box with a ribbon or string, and it will have a much more elegant touch. You can also give special details for someone who loves a selection of quality products, or even a Christmas kit.

Decorating Ideas

Are you interested to see more ideas? Attention to the following ideas that can inspire you how to decorate a gift box inside. If you have a friend addicted to coffee, there is nothing better than a kit for most coffee growers with a shipping box that resists the weight of all the products, and we can send this gift wherever we want. Inside, add the basic elements: an Italian coffee maker, a good can of coffee beans, and most importantly, a cup to enjoy this complete coffee kit. With this pack, you will only need to worry, whether you take it decaffeinated or normal. It is easy to get some decorated gift boxes if you put effort into it, and it is a gift that will always succeed. If you do not know where to start, we can make it very easy. It is because we give you everything you need to create good packaging, and you need to put the gift.

Imagine that you want to make a gift box for your partner, something that has a romantic touch and an experience for both of you. There is nothing better than a packet box of relaxing body products packed through packaging stores near me! This batch of products is very easy to create: you just need to add an assortment of softening creams, botanical soaps, and essential oils to create a good atmosphere. To continue with the care plan, a pair of face masks can also be included. Total relaxation! 

How to decorate birthday boxes

Now, you have seen several examples of making an original gift box with our cardboard boxes and various accessories. How are you going to surprise your special someone? Do not think twice and get one of these gift boxes, which will surely leave anyone surprised and super grateful.

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