Manak Chowk Market – Shopping Experience in Jaisalmer

Exploring a selected town isn’t entire until you go to by means of the local streets and bargain through the roadside stalls of the region. Shopping, in particular at local shops, is a responsible-pleasure by using itself when you are touring a brand new metropolis.

Manak Chowk Market – A Quick Glance

  • Location: Outside the Jaisalmer Fort
  •  Distance from the principle metropolis: 2.5km(1.55mi)
  •  Famous for: Handicraft objects, Antiques, Leather goods, Textiles and Jewellery
  •  Duration of ride: 1-2 hours
  •  Timing: 10am to 8pm
  •  Transportation option: Walking (at times mild trekking)
  •  Pocket pinch: Great value for cash
  •  Must carry: Hard coins (cards now not universal); Water bottles
  •  How to reach: When you reach Jaisalmer railway station, you can book a Taxi service in Jaisalmer to reach Jaisalmer Fort.

Introducing Manak Chowk Market

When you visit a place like Jaisalmer, you are spoiled for choices, mainly at the same time as exploring the nearby markets. The first-class and the most popular one to head off to is Manak Chowk – the vibrant marketplace location located right outdoor at the Jaisalmer Fort. Manak Chowk is a cultural amalgamation of all that Jaisalmer in addition to Rajasthan should provide.

Manak Chowk and Havelis – An Overview

The whole location reveals rich artwork and one-of-a-kind craftwork, and the market reflects the same imperialism.

Some of the maximum well-known Havelis of the place consist of Patwon-ki-Haveli, Salim Singh-ki-Haveli, and Nathmalji-ki-Haveli recognized for their royal craftsmanship and large architecture. Patwon-ki-Haveli is one of the greatest bungalows with terrific latticed facade. The relatively new Salim Singh-ki-Haveli is 3 centuries antique, and those nevertheless live.

Manak Chowk Market – Everything underneath One Roof

Manak Chowk Market, Jaisalmer is swarmed with roadside stores and stalls loaded with decorative leather works, ethnic silver jewelry, antique pieces, distinct textiles, spices, and several kinds of craft works and handmade products. Famous as the economic hub of Jaisalmer, tourist flock here at Manak Chowk Market to witness the innovative capabilities of neighborhood artisans and craftsmen, and at the equal time to pick a thing or  (read greater) as souvenirs to take returned home.

Things to Buy in Manak Chowk Market

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A)  Mirror Work Embroidery

This is one of the most conventional things to hold again from Jaisalmer. The well-known mirror paintings embroidery on vibrantly dyed fabric is a proper mirrored image of the colorful tradition of Rajasthan.  These elegant, lightweight, and fade-evidence merchandises are a need to buy from Manak Chowk Market, Jaisalmer.

B)  Camel Leather Products

Dating lower back to historic civilizations, leather products cater to not simplest all over India, however also are exported to overseas international locations for his or her authenticity.

Jaisalmer Leather GoodsJaisalmer Leather Goods Jaisalmer Typically Indian SouvenirsJaisalmer Typically Indian Souvenirs

c)  Jewellery

Make sure to choose more than one – in specific stone reduce, hand cuts and polished ones. Meenakari is some other exquisite option to cross for?

D)  Fossil Stone

It consists of the residuals of aquatic species from over a hundred and eighty million years ago, and is well-known for its mystical properties. It is reddish-brown with random darkish styles throughout and stands out for its seems.

Manak Chowk Market, Jaisalmer is a should go to purchasing place if you are searching some of the most distinctive items observed inside the city. Do make certain to carry enough cash, as plastic money isn’t regularly occurring via the majority of the nearby providers.

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