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Manipulation of Word-Building Telephone

Manipulation of Word-Building Telephone. A neat little folder with floating alphabet boxes is a great way to promote early reading and spelling skills. The folder encourages phoneme manipulation by using letter tiles to form words.

The Transferable Alphabet Word Builder folder is a pleasure and helpful way for children to use their letters and sounds to make and use phonemes in phrases. It helps their phonemic and phonological knowledge.


It would help if you had lamination sheets, velcro tape or stitches, and an A3 color chart. Full instructions are available with the Mobile Alphabet Word Creation Folder Kit.

As you set up your suitcase, give the children only the phonemes they know and have been specifically taught to use. You can put any additional cards in a zippered compartment for afterward help and add unique phonemes to the folder once your kid has discovered them and is prepared to use them on words.


Mobile Alphabet Word Generator is a fun and practical way for kids to apply their letters and sounds to create and manipulate phonemes in words. It helps their phonemic and phonological understanding.

Here are some ideas on using the folder to help first-time readers and spellers.


we can use the folder to play games like Switch It (phoneme manipulation). I love this Reading Simplified game!

Children need to manipulate the sounds they know and have been specifically taught to make.

  • Isolate: identify the starting, middle and ending notes / i / / n /. Hear as you segment the sounds/i / / n /, then mix them to create the word. What’s the word? Listen to it and say it.
  • Add Sounds: Add sounds to make new comments. What word do you do when you add / ch / at the beginning of the term?
  • Replace Sounds: Replace sounds to create new words. When we change / n / to chin and add / CK /. What’s the new word?
  • Delete sounds: delete a sound in a word to create a new comment. You can then add unique sounds to construct a new one. For example, delete / i / and / CK / in chick and add / o / / p /. What’s the new word?


Prepare and examine spelling conventions through curated checklists. The Mobile Alphabet Word Creation Folder Kit contains a checklist of recommended terms for each note (phoneme) design displayed in the photos.

Word studies with words with the same phoneme or letter pattern or spelling rules support reading and spelling skills. For example, / ng / is always at the end of terms, and a curated list of words would include sing, ring, king, thing, Kling, sang, and so on. Kids can also watch Educational videos and use the mobile alphabet folder to make words with / ng / and replace sounds to make new words with / ng /.

We can also use the mobile alphabet word structure folder for small group activities or one-on-one tutoring for reading or spelling difficulties students. It’s also a great morning activity when students come to school to sit down with a partner or parenting helper.


The Mobile Alphabet Word Builder Folder can also be used as part of the homework program that accompanies a list of matching words (Dish, Wish, Cash, Josh, Shop Fish, Rush) and a decipherable reader with a focus phonemic of terms Sh.

  • Ask the child to look up words with the phoneme/ch / before reading the deciphered reader. When a comment is discovered, listen to each phoneme, find the letters in the movable word-formation folder of the alphabet, and enter them in the Melkonian boxes.
  • Please read the story in full, trace it with your finger, and listen to all the unknown words.
  • After reading, use Melkonian boxes to manipulate phonemes by forming / sh / words, deleting sounds, adding or modifying sounds. Add non-word as you go through phonemes and form words.
  • Ask questions: What is the initial, middle, or final tone? What term did you create when you deleted / b / and / w /? added.
  • Find the letter tiles in terms like w-i-sh and place them on the pattern. Play it and say it (trace with your finger). What are the sounds of the opening, middle, and end?


Add / c / to the initial luck sound to create a giggle.Delete the leading and mid tones / d / / u / and add / qu / / i / to make it faster. Eliminate the center sound (s) and add / to / to make charlatan.

By playing with the alphabet on the go, kids will learn some basic skills such as:

  • The concepts of the alphabetic principle
  • Knowledge of the sound of the letter
  • Phonemic segmentation and fusion
  • Phonemic manipulation (substitution, cancellation)
  • Isolates the opening, middle and final tones
  • Decryption and spelling.

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