MBBS in Turkey. Step by Step Guide

Learning an MBBS in Turkey degree at a medical school in Turkey is an ideal alternative for those who are unable to attain their goal of becoming an MBBS doctor in their home country. Turkey is an ideal choice for Pakistani students looking to learn at the Asian country and still remain close the Islamic roots. The peaceful and serene nation has best medical institutions that offer students with both undergraduate and postgraduate MBBS degrees. Turkey is situated within the collapsed geographic mountain region of Eurasia and is awash with Islamic culture, and is also ranked as the 19th largest economy in the world. Turkey is home to thousands of students from abroad each year.

Why Study MBBS in Turkey?

  • Top Quality Education in Turkey

Turkey hosts over 200 universities, which includes medical universities. They offer top-quality education. Nearly 10 Turkish universities are included on the QS World University Rankings, and its system of education is listed as 43 4th across the globe.

  • A Multicultural environment.

Turkey is certainly an incredible multicultural mix. It is home to a variety of deeply roots in civilizations, and students from different races and cultures are educated in this rich and diverse country and thus, you will have the an opportunity to discover and discover different traditions while in a peaceful and secure surroundings.

  • Affordable Countries to Study in.

The life in Turkey is extremely affordable, unlike other European countries. Living expenses are very affordable here and so are the school costs. The entire MBBS course in Turkey could cost you about 20 Lakh Pakistani Rupees which is quite reasonable.

  • Easy Medium of Instruction.

Turkish Universities provide MBBS diplomas in English which makes it simple for international students. You can however still study the Turkish language for communication purposes because Turkish people are not proficient in English.

  • MBBS Scholarships in Turkey for International Students.

Turkish State offers a variety of scholarships for international students. According to the reports, over 5000 scholarship opportunities are available to students from more than 160 nations. The scholarships are provided to students in all undergraduate graduate, graduate and MBBS programs.

  • Hospitable Citizens.

Turkish people are extremely friendly and welcoming. Students are assisted by citizens with the utmost compassion and sincerity. The kindness of Turkish people is recognized worldwide.

  • A Muslim Country.

Turkey is one of the Muslim country. Pakistani students can easily access Halal food and are able to observe their religious ceremonies without fear or tension.

Admission requirements required for MBBS within the Turkish Medical University

You will require these documents that are necessary for admissions to medical schools in Turkey.

  • All attested documents , including intermediate and secondary mark sheets.
  • Language proficiency requirement , such as IELTS with scores of 6.5+ and TOEFL that has a an average score at 90+.
  • A bank statement to prove the proof that you have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition in Turkey.
  • An official health document.
  • Valid residence permits with a photocopy of its initial seven pages.
  • The photocopy must be of the visa for students.
  • A motivational note about your desire to study Turkish higher education.
  • A valid passport.

Career options after MBBS at Turkey for Pakistani students.

After having completed an undergraduate MBBS degree, students may pursue a specialization in any department of medicine they are interested in. There are numerous career choices for doctors in Turkey that could to pursue a career in the field of dentistry, surgery anesthesiology, or physician. You may also be able to find work in hospital administration. Turkey can also provide a lucrative career in the field of medical professorships.

Price of the MBBS degrees within Turkey in 2021 for Pakistani students in 2021

Turkey provides low-cost MBBS degrees. The study within Turkey costs significantly less than another European country. It is worth noting that the MBBS programme in Turkey lasts for six years. The cost for the course is the following.

  • The cost for 1 1st year is significantly more expensive than the rest of the five years. The 1 1st year cost, which includes fees for registration, health insurance fees, Visa fee and ticket fee is about 1458 euros equivalent to 265,641 PKR.
  • In the other years, the fees could be anywhere from 1000 to 1100 Euros per calendar year which amounts to 182,000-200,000 in PKR.

To find out more details regarding the cost of a degree in Turkey visit this page.

MBBS scholarships available in Turkey in 2021 for Pakistani students in 2021.

Turkey provides a variety of scholarships for students from abroad. At present, there are over 140 medical scholarships that are open to international students. You can apply for scholarships once they have been accepted to the school of choice. Find out more information about the criteria from the university’s official site. The application for the scholarship on the internet.

Click here to find out more about scholarships offered by Turkish Universities.

The Living Cost to Turkey is for Pakistani student 2021

In terms of cost of housing in Turkey is related, Turkish universities offers accommodations for international students. There are dormitories for students and State dormitories, while certain students prefer to reside in rental apartments.

  • State dormitories and campus dormitories are typically provided by the university where you’re studying. They provide all required facilities for its students. State and campus dormitories will cost between 30 and 250 Euros, and the price will differ.
  • Living in a house rental is a different matter. It could cost you an extra few Euros 150-450 euros per month. And the price is contingent on the type of apartment you reside in, whether it is a single one or share the flat.
  • The rest of the food, transportation and clothing costs could cost you anywhere from 100 to 200 euros based on your personal preferences.

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