Mention the Top 10 Cryptocurrency of 2021 and their market value.

Presently there are thousands of unique cryptocurrencies floating around the crypto community. With every passing year, cryptocurrency trading is gaining popularity among investors. If you want to start with the cryptocurrency world, you need to know about its ecosystem. Hence, here we will define cryptocurrency and list out the top 10 cryptocurrencies of 2021 with high market value. 

Understanding the meaning of cryptocurrency and its ecosystem

Cryptocurrency developers use encryption algorithms to create a cryptocurrency. It is a form of digital currency that users use as an alternative payment method. The inclusion of encryption algorithms implies that cryptocurrencies can perfectly work as a virtual accounting system and a digital currency. However, to use cryptocurrency trading, you need to maintain a digital wallet. 

Further, these digital wallets are available in two forms: cloud-based service software or a wallet that operates through your mobile device or computer. These Wallets are an instrument that stores your private keys to verify your identity as a wallet owner. 

Furthermore, users can send and receive crypto transactions using valid link addresses over the network. To start trading cryptocurrency, you should opt for cryptocurrency training first.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies of 2021


Bitcoin is the first-ever known cryptocurrency in the world. It is the earliest and prominent application of blockchain technology. The technology works immutable ledger of digital records that every member of the network can get access to. However, now it is evolving for other applications than Bitcoin trading. Further d underlying technology allows Bitcoin users to receive and send digital currency without needing any outside interference. In fact, no financial institution, payment system, or central authority controls these transactions. 

The current market cap value of Bitcoin is-1.080 trillion USD


Ethereum is known as one of the best cryptocurrencies available in the market. Also, it is the second most popular platform after Bitcoin. Further, it runs over a programmable blockchain system meaning it can run applications or programs using decentralization. Additionally, it can run on thousands of PCs at once. What makes Ethereum unique is its quality of supporting various applications valuable to digital collectibles, gaming, and finances. Hence we can deem that this platform is a good investment. 

The current market cap value of cryptocurrency is 500 billion USD. 

Internet Computer

The internet computer had its official release in May 2021, but it comes on the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies due to its efficiency. Experts say it is the first platform with website speed having endless capacity. Aside from this, it is also the third biggest blockchain platform. 

It is leading with a market cap value of 46 billion USD. 

Binance Coin

Binance cryptocurrency comes among digital coins that survived the 2017 mark. In that year, it was a bull market, and all over, cryptocurrency prices hiked. They hit their peak value, and later there was a drastic declination. Where other cryptocurrencies lost their value, Binance is still maintaining a steady upward in gains since that year. Therefore, crypto investors consider binance as the most reliable investment. You can opt for understanding Binance cryptocurrency, learn how it maintains stability by taking a cryptocurrency course. 

Today its market cap value is 104 billion USD. 


Dog a coin is another popular form of cryptocurrency. It allows peer-to-peer transactions over a decentralized network similar to Bitcoin. Further, to obtain Dogecoin, you can follow the same procedures as other cryptocurrencies. For example, you can mint it yourself or get approval from other members of the network as payment. However, the most straightforward way to have it is by purchasing it from cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Remember that you would need to buy standard crypto coins like ETH or BTC to exchange them for DOGE coins.

The market cap value of Dogecoin is 63 billion USD. 


The best thing about Cardano cryptocurrency is that it doesn’t consume enormous amounts of energy to perform transactions. Hence it is cheaper and efficient in comparison to other cryptocurrencies.

The primary intent of this cryptocurrency is to offer stability and flexibility to its users. 

Also, the platform keeps on updating the system making it less prone to cyber-attacks. However, even with more stability and a better network, it cannot come closer to big cryptocurrencies. 

The market cap value of this cryptocurrency is 57 billion USD. 


The US dollar pegs the theatre cryptocurrency. Therefore investors consider it as one of the most dependable currencies among others. 

The federal reserve bank maintains a dollar value for every Tether unit.

Thus, it is the most suitable currency for those who want to use cryptos for making daily transactions. Take a cryptocurrency certification to gain in-depth knowledge about these cryptocurrencies. 

It is thriving with a market cap value of 57 billion USD.


Currency has been in existence since 2012; investors call it one of the fastest and most productive decentralization payment systems. This holds as XRP can perform transactions in just 4 seconds. Further, the speed of XRP surpasses the transaction speed of popular cryptocurrencies like ethereum, bitcoin, and litecoin. Additionally, the platform sports ads entirely focus on streamlining payment methods.

The market cap value of XRP accounts for 53 billion USD. 


Polkadot is gaining mass adoption due to its proof of stake cryptocurrency. 

It can effectively interface with permissionless as well as permission blockchain systems. Furthermore, it allows an ecosystem where different blockchains can carry out cryptocurrency trading and data exchange safely. 

Polka Dot has a market cap value of 37 billion USD.

Bitcoin Cash

It uses enhanced Bitcoin code to enable bigger block sizes. Further, this quality results in quicker crypto transactions and battery scalability. 

It has a market cap value of 29 billion USD.


So this is the list of top cryptocurrencies in the crypto community. If you are an investor or want to try out cryptocurrency trading, opt for a good cryptocurrency certification program. To learn more tech-based knowledge, check out the BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL

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