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Mobile Commerce Trends to Rule in 2022

eCommerce is a dynamic industry. Its trends keep on oscillating. This time mobile commerce is on the high tide. Since every business is maintaining its digital presence, so mobile commerce is worth investing. 

We are about to enter the new year. It is significant to know which trends will dominate in 2022. For this, read this blog post further.   

Mobile Chatbots

A chatbot is not a new name in eCommerce. There is the pervasive use of chatbots in websites. But this technology is not deeply rooted in mobile applications. There is a need to enhance chatbots’ use to take mobile commerce on another level. Regardless of the time, this software piece interacts with online users unhesitantly. 

Instead of hiring a customer representative, this chatbot works well to provide customer service. Considering its upsides, this trend will be on a rise next year. 


Augmented reality and virtual reality have made their mark. This technology is sure to stay in the limelight for more time. It is an obstacle for the customers to know what the product actually looks like. Many thanks to this technology for eliminating such issues. 

With the help of augmented reality, the graphics on the pictures can help have a clear image. Through this, users can make shopping decisions in a better way. 

Mobile Payments

Cart abandonment rate has always been an issue. There should be ways to eliminate this issue. The use of digital wallets is the way forward. As per statistics, there has been a 23.7% increase in its usage in eCommerce. Keeping in view this, options like e-wallets will be more in use. 

Further to this, there is a high probability that businesses will merge their payment processing platforms into one unit. Doing so, there will be no need to utilize every suggested payment gateway.

Voice shopping

Voice shopping is another trend which is rising high. It will maintain its pace in the year to come. People use voice assistants like Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Okay Google to search products and explore other features, etc. 

Hence, the use of voice search features will be more in trend. This is sort of an effortless activity which makes shopping an enjoyable experience. So, the incorporation of voice search technology in m-commerce will be a trend in 2022.  

Product Customization

Facilitating customers by providing custom products always works, making them loyal to your brand. Selling customized products through m-commerce will be another trend in the spotlight. By looking into the customers’ preferences and choices, get to know what they want. 

This service could give your brand a competitive edge. Customers will draw in more to you. This feature in your m-commerce can make you stay in the front row in the market.   

One-Click Ordering

One has to go through a lengthy checkout process in online shopping. But shopping from mobile apps will be easier since it simplifies the checkout procedure. Generally, users have to enter details like name, email, billing address, and credit card info, etc. 

Doing this manually can be hectic which makes the shopping cart abandonment rate high. To overcome this, the one-click ordering process has stepped in. In m-commerce apps, it is possible to store customers’ information the first time they enter. That’s how it will eliminate the need to enter details repeatedly. Conclusively, the one-click ordering feature in m-commerce is the way forward.   

In Conclusion

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