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Moving Checklist: Plan Your Move

You must be knowing that you need a to-do list while relocating your house. But how to know what tasks you should do and how to make a moving checklist? Do not worry as professional packers and movers in Mumbai help you to relocate, we are here to make your moving experience hassle-free for you. Here, you will get the moving checklist that will help you to plan your move and know what you are supposed to do during a local or interstate move.

Select a moving date

Planning is the most essential stage of home relocation. Without planning your move, you cannot have a safe and successful relocation. So, select the right time and season to relocate. You must look for the dates of moving agencies if you are planning to move with them. Because there is some specific time when packers and movers charges are sky-high. Consider moving in the mid of a month which is comparatively cheaper than the first and last week of the month.

Set budget

Know your budget before you decide the mode of your move. If you want to hire movers and packers then check how much you will have to pay them. And set your budget accordingly. If you think you can do it yourself then consider all the expenses like the truck rental charges, packing material costs, transportation costs, labor charges, etc. then set your budget.

Inform neighbors and friends

Before you relocate to a new place, let your friends and neighbors know you are moving. If required they can help you. You can have a get-together party at your home and invite everyone close to you. Share your new address and contact details with them and ask them to keep in touch. Similarly, you can invite your kids’ friends to the house. They can also share their contact details and stay in touch.

Notify your landlord

If you stay in a rental property then it’s important to inform your landlord. Send a written notice to terminate the agreement. Notify at least a month before moving out. Then you will get your security deposit or you can also adjust it in the last month’s rent.

Book essential services

Based on your decision, start booking the essential services. Book packers and movers from Mumbai to Kolkata if you want professional assistance for packing and moving your household goods. And if it’s a DIY move then book truck rental, laborer, etc. to relocate your home.

Transfer bank accounts

Often people forget to do this most important task. If you will not transfer your bank accounts you won’t be able to do transactions effortlessly. Do it before moving to a new city.

Find a good school for your kids

One of the important tasks you must have on your to-do list is finding the best school for your children. You will certainly don’t want to disturb their studies. Hence, search the school in advance. Search for the top schools in Mumbai online. And, get your children enrolled in the best one.

Cancel subscription or memberships

If you have a membership in your gym or dance class. Or, you have cable, internet connection, etc. Notify all and ask to transfer or cancel the service.

Clean everything

Cleaning is important. Before you or your movers start packing the goods, you should clean everything. This way you will not have to clean the things in your house. You can simply start placing the items in their designated places.

Donate or discard items

House shifting means packing and moving with entire household items. but there’s no benefit in taking the useless items along with you. If there are goods that you don’t use or are old and need replacement, discard them. Categorize your goods and check what you can donate and what you can sell.

Cancel your utilities

Call the companies that supply you electricity, gas, water, internet connection, etc., and ask to cancel the service or transfer them to your new house if possible. They will help you resolve the problem.

Pack an essential bag

You will have to pack an essential bag so keep the essentials aside while packing the goods in the carton boxes. Check what things you all will be required after reaching the destination. Do not give them to your movers, pack them separately in a bag that you will carry along with you. Ask, each of your family members to do the same thing.

Get friends to help with a DIY move

Ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors for help. Moving furniture, TV, and other items could be risky. If you are taking the assistance of professional Mumbai packers and movers then call your friends. They would always be ready to help you with loading, unloading, and packing the goods. You just have to let them know, you need their help.

Book a truck rental

If it’s a DIY move then you will need a truck to transport your goods. Some logistics companies provide truck rental services Mumbai. You will get different sizes of trucks on rent.

Make travel arrangements

Do not forget to make your travel arrangements. Plan how your family would travel. Book train or flight tickets. And if you will move with your car then check the car’s condition. Send it for servicing so that you will not face any problem in the mid of the road.

Arrange for child care on moving day

On the final day when you will move, you will need someone to take care of your children. You can either ask your relatives for this or hire a babysitter for a day. This way you can ensure the safety of your children and also help movers to pack and load things without any disturbance. Also, you can focus on your work and guide movers on how to work. So, pre-decide how will you handle your kids on moving day.


If you want to enjoy the best relocation experience then make a moving checklist and plan your move. This helps you to get organized and do things correctly. Follow the tips and enjoy a hassle-free move.

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