NFT Marketing Guide For 2021

NFT is the only thing everyone can talk about these days. NFTs sell quickly, and some NFTs sell for absurdly high prices. But, why is there such interest in NFTs, and how do they benefit a company? Can brands boost their revenue through NFTs, and how can you develop a robust NFT marketing campaign?

Firstly, Let’s Understand Everything About NFTs

The first thing to remember about NFTs is that they are not cryptocurrency. They bear some similarities to Bitcoin and Ethereum, but that’s where the similarities end.

What’s the difference between NFTs and cryptocurrency? NFTs are non-fungible tokens and cannot be exchanged for an item of the same kind.

An excellent way to understand NFTs is through a simple example: imagine you own a car, and your friend asks to borrow that car. You agree to it, and the friend takes the vehicle. A few days later and the friend returns with a different car from another company. There are two ways NFTs operate: each one has its unique value, making it impossible to interchange.

In layman terms, NFTs make you the owner of a digital asset. The asset can be anything from a photo to a line of code to social media posts. The great thing about NFTs is that you can turn anything digital into a non-fungible token. It makes the facility accessible to a broader audience and is why everyone wants to benefit from using them.

How Can A Brand Benefit Through NFTs?

NFTs’ trending popularity caught the attention, and now everyone wants in on the action. Brands also want to capitalize on the benefits they provide.

One of the more prominent features of NFTs is their versatility. Companies typically apply this virtual money for buying and selling digital files. However, there are other ways to utilize these assets. For example, an intelligent brand can use NFTs to represent virtual fashion items like clothes and shoes. Property sellers can use NFTs to showcase digital real estate property and attract customers.

It might be hard to understand how NFTs can work with a marketing strategy. Don’t worry, though, as there are several ways you can integrate it into your approach. The recent spike in NFT popularity and the industry’s steady growth provides us with several ways to further customer interaction and storytelling strategies.

NFTs bring the following benefits to any brand                                                

  1.       NFTs can increase brand awareness
  2.       They can create an extraordinary brand experience
  3.       NFTs foster more significant customer interaction
  4.       They can bring more attention to the company and products.

These points all sound interesting and exciting. Now, let’s take a look at the many ways to market any NFT project.

NFT Marketing In 2021

Grow A Community

Success in marketing means that your product gets the most attention when released. You get that attention by growing a community. It is an old approach but also a proven one. A trending subject like NFTs is a great place to grow an audience. All that’s required is subject expertise.

Many people remain unaware of NFTs, and so providing information about them makes you a reliable source. Consider sharing educational content about the benefits and drawbacks to NFTs, their pros, and cons. This approach will attract the right audience.

You can also use established social media platforms like Facebook and Discord to share your message.

Work Together With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a relatively new strategy, but it has a proven record. Influencers already have a sizable audience, and their input can drastically impact your reputation. A good influencer can also boost your site’s revenue. It is advised to find an influencer in line with your ideas and have them organically mention your NFT project. This way, you create awareness among the audience and increase your prospects.

Utilize Email Marketing To The Fullest

Email marketing is an excellent way to update the audience about your NFT activity. You can use this strategy to inform the audience about sales, educational videos, and upcoming projects. Also, it is essential to have a powerful CTA and increase your conversion rate.

Email marketing is an old strategy, but its results speak for themselves. The right approach can take your NFT Advertising & Marketing to the next level.

Remain Active On Multiple Marketplaces

Selling an NFT requires you to list them on the correct marketplace. Listing the tokens on relevant marketplaces helps the NFT find the right audience.

There are several types of NFT marketplaces in today’s industry. Some have versatile listings and provide NFTs for various digital assets. However, some online stores sell a specific item type. It is essential to see which marketplace suits your needs and list the NFT there.

Here are the most popular NFT marketplaces to date

  •       KnownOrigin
  •       OpenSea
  •       Rarible
  •       NBA Top Shots
  •       Foundation
  •       SuperRare

Conduct Several AMA Sessions

Today, AMA (or Ask Me Anything) sessions provide an efficient means for interacting with the community. Users can use this opportunity to ask important questions that they can answer in detail. You could also offer small rewards for participating in the activity. AMA sessions are another way to showcase your knowledge to the audience and interact with them.

You can use platforms like Telegram or YouTube and conduct these sessions

Run PPC Campaigns

Social media and search platforms are an excellent way avenue for lead generation. PPC campaigns achieve the most success on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linked In. Here, it is essential to target the audience interested in NFT and NFT-related content.

Also, create great, enticing, and personalized ads that can guarantee success. That way, users can’t help but want to know more about your product.

Always Have A Strong SEO Ranking

An excellent NFT or NFT marketplace ranks high in search results. A successful NFT marketing campaign hinges on maintaining organic visibility in the required niche. This approach helps the audience find your listing. Many NFT buyers rely on search engine suggestions for which NFT to purchase or invest in.

Also, consider working with an experienced SEO agency. They can help you stay relevant in the long run.

Don’t Forget Press Releases

PR or press releases are powerful to marketers use to share information on several platforms. Here, you can reach out to the relevant media outlets and ask them to broadcast the launch. This approach can attract a broader audience.

Improve The CRO

Now, it is time to consider your Conversion Rate Optimization (or CRO). The purpose of SEO is to bring in users, while CROs are the people who buy the product.

This area is where you have a robust content management system. You can also highlight specific reviews and testimonials and attract users. Also, consider adding some pop-ups and increasing engagement. This approach requires a lot of thinking before implementing.

Closing Thoughts

These are the best and proven marketing strategies you can use in 2021. However, you can also come up with unorthodox or different ways to promote the project. It all depends on that project’s requirements.

The NFT industry grows every day and can change the way industries operate. If you have an NFT that could sell for large sums, now is the time to start marketing the product.




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