Practical and pretty jewellery storage

Tired of seeing earrings, rings or necklaces lying around on the dresser? And the principle also applies to gentlemen, between watches and cufflinks. Please don’t panic; we’ve found five chic and practical storage ideas for you to organize all your jewellery, from fake hardware to high-end jewellery!

A personalized mini chest of drawers to store your jewellery

It is chic, practical for storing jewellery, and customizable to infinity. Elle is a very simple little chest of drawers found in all DIY or decoration stores at friendly prices. We choose it according to its size and the number of drawers; the rest is DIY: painting, masking tape, collage, stencil; we use all the means available to customize the chest of drawers and match its look to the bathroom. This is because, in the dressing room, at the hairdresser. The extra thing? There are several small chests of drawers to be stacked and rearranged at will by combining colours and patterns!

An actual jewelry box as storage

Because the most straightforward solutions are sometimes the best, the jewellery box remains the ideal storage for organizing jewellery, even for putting them, when it incorporates a mirror inside. Too easy? Yes and no. You still have to find the jewellery box model with the correct number of compartments, the right shape of drawers or boxes depending on the jewellery to be stored, and have a place to put it without having to crawl into the closet to get her. In short, the jewellery box is the perfect storage for classic jewellery on a dressing table or dresser.

A compartmentalized drawer to organize jewellery

No place to put a jewellery box? We look for a free drawer in the chest of drawers, the dressing table or even the bathroom, if possible, relatively low. With drawer dividers, rings, bracelets, and necklaces remain wisely in their place without getting mixed up! As for the separators themselves, there are a host of them on the market, sometimes custom-made to store jewellery. They are not very complicated to make at home with cardboard covered with paper or masking tape. And failing that, you can always use pretty decorative cups or small crocheted baskets to compartmentalize the drawer.

Jewels tidy in old customized empty boxes

Camembert or cereal boxes, jewellery or gift boxes? Rather than throwing them away, we recycle them to kill two birds with one stone: reduce waste and make original jewellery storage! Once customized with masking tape, adhesive paper, glue and scraps of wallpaper, paint or markers, the small boxes provide chic and practical storage for jewellery. The clever detail? We add a nicely handwritten label on the boxes to avoid opening them all while looking for a ring. Union Complex provides the best luxury apartments in Lahore.

A pretty mottled chest to store all the jewellery

More decorative than the jewellery box, more refined than the personalized box and more personal than the compartmentalized drawer? A pretty mottled chest or brought back from a trip, with an ethnic or vintage look that’s right on-trend. We store necklaces, bracelets, watches or bracelets in it, and if the chest is too big to hold tiny jewels, we classify it as a drawer, With strips of cardboard included with scraps of paper matching the fashion of the object.

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