Precautions to take while driving a luxury car in Dubai.

Driving any vehicle without knowing driving is a dangerous thing to us and others too. So while driving any car, we should always be careful. Otherwise, the accident may happen at any time. 

If you are driving a rented vehicle, there are so many guidelines you have to follow. Apart from that, they will charge extra if any misfortune happens. So, you might take the help of Ferrari Rental Dubai car rental service, they will guide you properly and give you precise tips.

Thus, there are some precautions we all should take while driving any vehicle. Here are a few of them we are discussing in this article. 

Essential precaution you must take while driving a car in Dubai

While driving, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

You have to avoid close driving, try to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Never overtake another vehicle while driving. It helps to dodge road accidents.  

Control over speed while driving.

Make sure you are always driving the vehicle at a normal speed. Even if your rented car crosses the speed limit, it is also violating the traffic rules. So it is always better to control the speed limit. 

Check any obstacles on the road.

Roads are full of uncertainties or obstacles like animals or any kind of metal or anything that come suddenly. At such times, if your vehicle speed is not in control, it leads to a major accident.

Use the headlight properly.

In most other places in the world, blazing headlights are used as a warning sign for the driver. In Dubai, it is a sign that despite the current situation being similar, it is a warning sign to allow wayward drivers to pass. As a careful driver, don’t let such drivers pass by regardless of such unreliable manners.

Follow traffic rules.

Following traffic rules made by every country is an essential thing for every person. If you are caught red-handed means you are not following the traffic rules properly, you have to pay a fine. Moreover, they will add some black points to your license.

Don’t drink and drive.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime. UAE police are strict against violation of traffic rules, they charge a hefty amount from such antisocial. So, the leading driver has to pay a fine of 20,000 AED. Not only this, they take the vehicle to their custody for 60 days and mark their license 23 black points. Above all, if the vehicle hits any person and things turn into a serious accident, the police will take the driver to jail.

Don’t use a cell phone while driving.

Checking your mobile every time while driving can cause big accidents. You might end up hitting the people, and again the driver has to pay a fine which is 800 AED. Plus the bonus of 4 black points to your driving license.


In this article, we can see what precautions to take while driving a car in Dubai. If you follow all the rules correctly, you can have a good driving experience on the Dubai road. So make sure you got all the points perfectly. 

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