Precautions While Wearing and Storing Earrings

Earrings are marked as an embodiment of feminine beauty. Almost every woman prefers to have pierced ears and try on a variety of earrings to match their personality and style daily. Earrings actually enhance beauty and are an essential part of women’s jewellery collections. Women nowadays prefer to change their daily wear earrings frequently and to select one based on the occasion. It is continuously exposed to dust, sweat, shampoo, particles from facial cosmetics, fragrances, and other contaminants because ladies wear it every day. Earring maintenance is important because it protects your ear from infection.

Moreover, it’s necessary to be careful with precious metal earrings like diamond, gold, silver, or platinum. Following are a few of the precautions and tips that you need to take while wearing and storing earrings- 

When to remove your earrings jewellery

  1. Before engaging in strenuous activities such as swimming- 

Both saltwater and Chlorine have the ability to corrode and discolor metals (such as gold and platinum), as well as destroy the finish and shine of gemstones over time. . Hence, it is better to remove your jewellery while performing such activities. You never know you might lose your precious diamond earring jewellery without even noticing it. 

  1. Before applying sunscreen or moisturizers-

 Lotion can get into the nooks and crannies of your jewellery. Lotions can also make your earrings react with it, which can end up making your earrings dull and dingy. So, it is better to remove them while applying any sunscreen or moisturizers. 

  1. In bright sunlight- 

Certain materials, particularly natural elements (gold, diamond, silver, platinum), can get bleached by the sun.

  1. Before playing in the sand or during gardening-

Dirt and small rocks are abrasive. Your jewellery can be permanently damaged if it is not cleaned immediately. Be wary of the dangers of gardening gloves as well.

How to clean and store your earring jewellery safely. 

  1. Use Soap and Water cleaning method- 

You can easily clean any metal jewellery like a diamond, gold, etc., at home if you think they have become slightly dull or dim. Simple soap and water cleansing can again bring the lost shine. 

  • 1: In a bowl, make a warm water and soap solution. The best soap option is regular dish soap. Dish soap that does not contain bleach should be used.
  • 2:Soak your earrings in the bowl for approximately 20 minutes.
  • 3: Gently scrub your jewellery with a soft-bristled toothbrush after removing it.
  • 4: Run water over your jewellery. If you’re holding your jewellery above a drain, remember to plug it in to prevent it from falling down.
  • 5: Use a soft cloth to dry your jewellery or allow it to air dry. Do not use paper towels to dry your jewellery because they are too harsh and may scratch precious metals.
  • 6: If your jewellery still appears to be dirty, simply repeat the steps.


  1. Store your jewellery safely.

 Keep your valuable metal earrings jewellery in a safe place while you’re not wearing it, so it doesn’t become misplaced, filthy, or damaged. Simply putting your jewellery in the same place every time you take it off (such as a jewellery box or its original box) may assist in keeping it secure and dust-free.

  1. Have insurance of your precious earrings- 

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your jewellery is safe regardless of your carelessness. 



If you are unsure about the earring cleaning operation, consult a jeweller who is familiar with the process since any incorrect procedure can ruin the earrings. You have to show your receipt and certificate from the time of purchase. 

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After bathing or dressing up, it’s also a good idea to put on earrings as the last jewelry item. Earrings will survive longer if they are kept out of direct sunshine, rain, and smoke. When wearing and storing earrings, extreme caution is advised.

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