Procedural Requirements for Canada Work VISA from Indian


Canada, the second-largest country in the world in area, consists of ten provinces. Due to the disproportion in its population and territory, the Canada Government eased the procedural technicalities for immigration. The main aim is to invite more applicants from various countries to their own country. Therefore, Canada is extremely popular with immigrants and is becoming the first choice among people for migration.

Canada offers four types of visas- Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permits, Work Permits, and Permanent Resident VISA.

It has also introduced an express entry program to invite a large number of migrants from all over the world.

Nowadays, many students or graduates in India are applying for a Canada Work permit from India to widen their career opportunities.

The Canada Work Permit is issued to eligible foreign applicants to work in the country for a specified period. The Canadian Work Permit Visa allows various business people, permanent or temporary workers, service providers, students, and others to work in Canada. Typically, a work permit is allowed only after getting a job offer or an employment contract from a Canadian employer.

Many agencies across India are assisting students in getting a Work permit VISA or Canada Permanent residency VISA from India.


Canadian Authorities provide for two types of work visas or permits – Open and closed work permits. Closed work permits are issued by specific employers, whereas open work permits allow you to choose to work for any employer. Hence, under open work VISA, you can simultaneously work for two employers with an unrestricted number of working hours per week. Unlike this, a closed work Visa imposes various restrictions on the number of employers and the duration of work.

Due to the comprehensive scope of the Open Work permit, it is highly preferred by international candidates for migration. For example, in India, students or workers apply from the open work permit window only to get Canada Work Permit from India without following any complicated procedure.

The following VISA programs are eligible under Open Work Permit-

  • Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • World Youth Program Permit
  • Regular Open Work Permit
  • Young professional visa
  • Provincial Nominees Visa
  • Temporary Work Permits for spouses
  • Bridging Open Work Permit
  • World youth program permit.

These categories also open up the door for applying for Canada Permanent Residency by acquiring required work experience in the field.


There are general as well documentary requirements for applying for a Work permit VISA from India. However, it must be noted that all documents are required to be submitted in English only.

The checklist of documents required for applying for a Work permit VISA is given below –
  1. Valid job offer letter from a Canadian Employer.
  2. Valid passport.
  3. Details of your educational qualifications.
  4. You must have proof of professional qualifications as well as work experience.
  5. You must have proof of possessing adequate financial resources to cover your expenses during your stay in Canada.
  6. A certificate of medical examination done by a registered hospital.
  7. Application for Applying for VISA and invitation letter.
  8. Receipt of payment of fees for application of VISA.
  9. Any other documents, if needed.

It must be noted that your application is evaluated based on various eligibility factors by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Therefore, the visa application can be approved or denied if you fail to satisfy the above-mentioned document requirements.

To avoid any misinformation, you can visit the following link provided by the Canadian authority to ensure assistance for applying for a work permit-


  • The applicants are provided with online as well as offline modes of application to apply for a Canada Work permit from India.
  • For applying under the offline method, you must visit one of the Canada Visa Application Centers (CVAC). The concerned CVAC will provide you with guidance to carry out the application process.
  • The online mode consists of filling in an online application form, uploading required documents, and paying online fees for the visa.
  • After applying for VISA, IRCC reviews your application. Then, at the discretion of IRCC, it may direct you to either appear for a visa interview or furnish additional documents if required.
  • The application process can take a few weeks to complete based on your VISA category. Once it is processed, you will be informed by the authorities whether your application is accepted or rejected.

For more details, you can visit the below-mentioned link provided by the Canadian authorities-


Once you are given a work permit Visa in Canada, you can work in Canada for the specified period. You may also extend your duration of stay. In addition, a work permit Visa makes it easy for you to apply for Canada Permanent Resident as it enhances your CSR points.

When you get the status of a permanent resident of Canada, you can avail of the following benefits –

  1. You can work and settle permanently in Canada along with your family.
  2. Become eligible for government benefits such as free education for children and health care services.
  3. Apply for citizenship after 3 years of residency in Canada.
  4. Sponsor your eligible relatives to settle in Canada.

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