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Questions to identify if your Senior Needs Memory Care

As they grow old, many seniors deal with a lot of memory-related issues like dementia. While its people with early-stage dementia can go. About doing their daily chores without any issue. With time problems may start to arise. Memory loss is a natural part of aging. But once it starts to impair your loved one’s cognitive. Abilities you might need to seek help. That will be able to assist them in their daily activities. For such seniors, a memory care home is a perfect solution.

What is a memory care home?

These are residential facilities that provide round-the-clock care to senior persons dealing. With memory-related issues like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. They offer a customized living experience while ensuring safety. And improving the quality of life of these people. Right from assistance in performing daily chores. Like laundry to providing nutritious meals and even targeted community programs. These assisted living Gainesville facilities take great care of your senior family members. While these are great facilities run and maintained by trained professionals, the decision about when to move a senior family member here lies with you.

When do I move a senior family member to a memory care home?

There are 3 essential questions that you can ask yourself to identify. If you need to seek help from a Senior living Gainesville GA center for the memory-related needs of your loved one

  1. Has a friend or family member pointed out any changes?

When you have been taking care of a family member for too long, it might get too difficult to identify behavioral or physical changes in them. This is where friends and family members are key. Since they only meet your senior family members a few times a year they can easily point out things like your family member has lost weight or is forgetting things more often than before. These behavioral changes are a great indicator that it might be time to get help from a memory care home to help them get back on track with their nutritional needs or otherwise.

  1. Are their hygiene needs met?

Hygiene is a key indicator of your senior member’s current health. If they continue to forget daily hygiene practices like changing clothes or bathing something may be wrong. Development of incontinence or a struggle to style their hair are other indicators that your family member may be suffering from dementia and hence need professionals to assist them in their daily chores.

Are the medication needs of your family member properly managed?

Just like forgetting to take care of their personal hygiene, you may notice them forgetting about their medications or just taking too much of them. This forgetfulness can lead to serious side effects and physical problems in the long run. While tools like reminders and pill separators may be helpful, seniors with severe memory impairment may need additional help. Medication management is one of the key services at a memory care-based senior citizen assisted living Gainesville center.

As these memory-related problems increase, the overall lifestyle of your senior family member can begin to deteriorate. Hence, it is essential to identify these at an early stage and take seek help from a Senior Recreation Center Gainesville or a senior assisted living facility like Beehive Homes

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