Required Things to Carry for Kashmir Packages

Kashmir Valley is the most popular tourist destinations in India. Every year, millions of people including families, honeymooners, solo traveler come here to experience its natural beauty. But before packing your bags you should know about the required things to carry for Kashmir trip.

List of Required Things to Carry for Kashmir Trip

Swastik Holiday offers a list of things to carry for Kashmir packages, which are necessary for every traveler. Checkout the list given below:

  1. Trip Related Documents

If you are planning hassle-free vacation to Kashmir, then you have to need a tour confirmation voucher in printed format that will be required for check-in at the hotels, Cabs and driver details for every traveler. You should also carry detailed itinerary in printed format.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Identity Proof

As everyone knows that Kashmir is a conflict zone so you will face too much security checks. So if you want to enjoy your holidays without any security trouble during your holiday packages to Kashmir you always carry your valid and original identity proof identity proofs issued by the central government along with you that is very essential. These documents are required to be taken into consideration at everywhere for security purpose when you go outside for sightseeing. So always keep it yourself while traveling to Kashmir.

Note: One more important thing for those people who are going with their private car they always carries original RC & Insurance Paper. I also recommend that the registered car owner or your first relationship also be on trip.

  1. Skin Safety product

There is also a significant difference in the climate of Kashmir. It is quite cold in winters while very sunny in summers. The Temperature in Kashmir falls down upto -10C. So the traveler needs a moisturizer or lip balm in winters to keep their skin and lips hydrated.

If we talk about the sun in Kashmir, then it is quite harsh which can burn your skin. So if you travel to Kashmir in the summer season, then definitely carry cold cream and sunglasses along with you.

  1. Scarf/Cap

As everyone knows that Kashmir is a Muslim majority area so it has many mosques and Muslim shrines. So before visiting these holy places, it is important to know that you need to cover your head especially for women. So keep keep a scarf (women) and Cap (Men) before visit. You can also use these things for skin protection from sun.

  1. Small Bag / Shopping Bag

When you travel to Kashmir, you should carry a small bag along with you. In this bag you can keep your valuable documents or things like phone, Id’s etc. because during the journey, some of your valuable things can fall and break or lose while climbing the height. You can also keep your small shopping Items in this bag.

  1. Comfortable Shoes

During your trip to Kashmir, you have to visit many hill stations,  trekking, climb the hills and crosses many water stream or puddle. so you should need very well gripped sport shoes don’t slip during your journey.

  1. Cash

Kashmir is a place which is very beautiful yet far from modernization. So ATM machines are found very few and they are because of B weather or because of network and that too are mostly not working due to bad weather or network. I think you may need a lot of cash before leaving, so keep enough cash along with you.

  1. Power bank, Extra Memory Card, Waterproof Camera Bag

There is a huge power shortage in Kashmir. There are very frequent power cuts, especially in the hill stations. So that’s why it is necessary to always keep a power bank with you so that the phone remains free from the problem of discharge. you should aslo carry an extra memory card for your camera to complete capture the memories of your journey. It rains often here, so you should kept a waterproof camera bag so as camera not to spoil.

  1. Post Paid Sim

Roaming is blocked in Kashmir due to security reasons, so prepaid sim does not work there. so when you Travel to Kashmir you should carry a postpaid sim card that will work better in Kashmir. If you are from outside India then you can purchase a local sim from the market or hotel manager can provide a local sim for you.

  1. Torch

As we have already told that in Kashmir, electricity keeps going out often, so it should not happen that you get hurt due to darkness. So you should always keep a torch while travel to Kashmir.

  1. Medicine

The climate of Kashmir is very cold, so it is a natural to catch cold here, so always keep some medicines like Paracetamol, Cough Syrup along with you.


Now book your Kashmir tour packages from Mumbai with us and enjoy your hassel-free trip.

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