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Romantic Flower Bouquets For Your Beloved One

Giving fresh blooms to a dear one speaks volumes. Have you seen how many partners use these to apologize? It’s because they understand giving romantic flowers will be a great ice breaker as they plan to say those magical words; “I am sorry.” And this helps to soften the heart, and it’s always a good gesture. 

Flowers have much significance. People use them to say I love you, for friendship, to show appreciation, loyalty, and many more. So, choosing the proper bloom to express your feelings to a loved one is crucial since not all symbolize love the same way. A person you’ve met recently and a special friend you’ve known for years can’t get the same flowers. That’s why this guide is going to be useful for you. 

Romantic Flowers

When love is in the air, you need to find romantic flowers to convey this message to your sweetheart. It could be Valentine’s Day, anniversary, wedding day, birthday for your better half, and so on. Every bloom may have a different symbol of love like we’ll show you below:

Roses: While roses are the most common blooms representing love, they come in varying colors, and each has a meaning. Red rose reigns as the most romantic, while burgundy symbolizes a love that hasn’t still grown.

Tulips: These are beautiful spring blooms quite common during the Easter holidays and Mother’s Day. They symbolize perfect love, but then again, each hue will have a different meaning. For example, the red tulip is for true love. 

Peony: Many can relate peonies with Chinese culture, and that’s because the name peony translates to “most beautiful.” It’s a popular flower in wedding bouquets and other holidays such as Chinese New Year. It’s a love flower that says how beautiful the person you’re sending the flowers to is, which is the actual meaning of these blooms.  

Love and Friendship Flowers

When you’re a special pal of yours celebrating a birthday, and you’re not sure which type of flowers they like, do you ask them? That removes the element of surprise, and you want to wow them. So, which is the best flower for a girlfriend, an associate, or someone you care for uniquely? 

Alstroemeria or “Peruvian Lily”: Not only does this represent a strong friendship bond, but it also shows traits of loyalty and devotion. A pal you’ve been through thick and thin and tested time but remain best of friends is the ideal one to send these blooms. 

Chrysanthemums: Mums are useful for expressing friendship feelings when you send them in white, blue, or purple. These also make lovely settings with their delicate petals when used to show adornment. They can also represent joy, fidelity, and optimism when mixed with other popular friendship flowers.

Sunflowers: The warmth of these cheery flowers represents adoration, longevity, and loyalty. It could be a perfect flower for a girlfriend that says your friendship will last forever. It’s a great birthday present that shows how much you appreciate the recipient. And this will have to bring a smile even on the dullest day ever. 

Violets: Their striking blue color in the bouquet would make a lovely gift to a friend. Violets also have royal symbolism. If you’ve just met someone you feel is unique and you don’t want to be too forward, this gift may send the right message. It simply says you’ll be pursuing someone, but you’ll take it slow. 

Other blooms that represent unique love include:

HydrangeasThese symbolize love for dear ones such as children, spouse, and family. 

Daisy This sweet bloom symbolizes many emotions such as joy, happiness, innocence, and simplicity. It’s also a perfect bloom to represent new beginnings and good fortune. 

LiliesLily of the valley is a unique bloom that indicates the purity of heart. The white hue symbolizes innocence and modesty, while the yellow conveys happiness and remembrance. These are ideal for a dear family member to show respect and admiration. 

In Conclusion

Now you know which bouquet to send to a lover and the right flower for a girlfriend. While most people can be ignorant about the flower’s meaning, you must understand them to avoid sending the wrong gesture. 

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