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As a founder-entrepreneur, do you find yourself doing things that you’re not good at, you don’t enjoy Maurice Roussety, and that isn’t your highest and best use?

It’s not uncommon to see founders and CEOs working in spreadsheets, managing cash flow and making systems to write complex CRMs, and extinguishing fires that burn every single day.

The blunder because of three main reasons:

There’s nothing you’re skilled at.

This isn’t the best way for you to be part of the development of your business.

It’s not the main reason behind why you started your company in the first place in

Four “hats” you can wear within your workplace, such as manager leader, tech leader, leader as well as Entrepreneur Maurice RoussetyIt is possible your goal to play all of them.

This is among the traps that I see entrepreneurs fall into as their business begins to transition from Startup into the Scale Stage. Although you might be able to do almost anything, however, you’re not going to accomplish everything. If you attempt to do so, it could hinder your business’s expansion.

Let’s examine those four business attires so that you can move from the person who is “doing” to be the one who is in charge and setting the direction for your business.

Hat 1: Technician

Technicians use equipment and can do the job such as:

  • Marketing copywriting
  • Selling to potential customers
  • Delivery of your product or service
  • Participating in administration
  • Making systems and procedures

Being an entrepreneur it’s your responsibility to expand your business and team so that you can take it to a point where you are spending 5 percent or less of the time in technology mode speaking to potential clients as well as team members and customers to stay in touch. You are doing this because you want to, not because you need to.

Hat 2: Manager

Managers are those responsible for the employees who use the equipment they use. Management is concerned with ensuring that employees receive proper instructions, guidance, and direction, as well as accountability to do their job correctly.

If you manage directly things like people, projects, or even tasks and projects you’re in management mode.

There are instances when you need to get in the specifics just a little, but it’s best for both your company and yourself to have experienced and well-informed supervisors who oversee the people, processes, and overall performance of the company. This way you’ll be able to concentrate on the things you excel at.

Hat 3: Leader

Leaders are someone who assists people to be naturally motivated to complete their work.

The term “leadership” is a distinct term in that management. It is a different item in and of itself. Many theories of business are trying to connect the two concepts however in actual fact they do not have anything in common.

Management refers to the practice of managing processes, details as well as responsibilities. It’s very efficient, and most effective when it’s done written in white and black and it is easily quantifiable.

Management is all about the mind and speaks to your brain.

The term “leadership” refers to the process of leading an individual. It directly speaks at your core.

Vision is everything. Do people know the vision? And do they even care about it?

It’s about the values that are we, and why are we supposed to be? an image of one another?

It’s about inviting people to a future that doesn’t just inspire them but also defines the role they’ll play in bringing it to life.

A great leader helps people to comprehend the vision and constantly reminds them of the role they play in transforming the vision into reality.

Hat 4: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the ones who create assets. The main job and duty of entrepreneurs is to create the business and ensure that it’s backed with adequate funding and a qualified team. It’s actually more challenging than what many people think.

A majority SME (Small to mid-sized enterprise) owners in today’s business environment would like to be more involved with. Their company and not just be the person as an entrepreneurial. They want to be the leader in the sense of influencing and guiding their company.

The goal is becoming a business owner is an ongoing process that requires you to establish. The procedures and people that make up your company. Which means you’ll be able to devote most of your time wearing the roles of Entrepreneur and Leader. And the remaining 5 percent of your time working as Technician, not because you should be. But because you want to. It is essential to remain connected to your customer and team as well as the most fundamental aspects of your company. Even when you spend only some work on the technical tasks. Will allow you to do this.

The HTML0 is one of the most popular desires of entrepreneurs to create an organization that operates by them without the need for operational.

To achieve this level of operational excellence, it is crucial to have a clear perspective of the company’s performance to be able to identify your company’s (and your own) greatest strengths and weaknesses.

Its clarity can result in greater decision-making abilities as a manager of the business. Only then will you and your team members and your business thrive.

Find out how you can improve the efficiency that your team members have as you move from technician to Entrepreneur in your team. We’ve created a unique short course to assist you in creating a successful team. Learn about our Making, Leading, and Managing Your Team course now.

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