Simple Key Points To Play SuperEnalotto Lottery Online & Win More

People across the globe love to play the lottery due to the sheer reason that it has the potential to fulfil the inherent human desire of becoming rich overnight. There are multiple lottery games and formats, but most of the people prefer to opt for lottery games that offer big jackpot amounts and SuperEnalotto Lottery is one of them.

SuperEnalotto is an Italian lottery. Online lottery platforms have made it possible for anyone residing anywhere across the globe to play it and also check Jackpot results easily across India.

How Is the SuperEnalotto Lottery Different?

Choosing the numbers in SuperEnalotto is similar to any other big lottery game. Here the similarities end when you pick six numbers between 1 and 90. If you get all six right, you hit the big jackpot prize, but if only 5 of your picked numbers match the drawn numbers, then you get another chance. This comes in the form of a Jolly number, which is picked from the same pool as the main numbers. So, out of the remaining 84 balls, the computers pick another number called the Jolly number and if this number happens to be your sixth number, then you bag the second-tier prize, which is still heaps of money.

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The other major difference is that the jackpot prize in SuperEnalotto is unlimited. This means starting from 119.5 million in Indian currency, it is not capped to any upper limit and keeps growing until someone hits the jackpot. For a ticket amounting to just INR 180, the upside is unlimited as you get an opportunity to try your luck for colossal jackpots amounting to millions of rupees. In August 2019, the biggest jackpot amount won so far was 19221.13 million rupees. This prize amount has eclipsed the jackpot amounts of even EuroMillions.

The draws for SuperEnalotto happen thrice a week, which enables the jackpots to grow quickly. Having three draws as opposed to two a week makes the jackpot grow 50% faster.

How to Increase Your Winning Chances?

With an opportunity to win such huge amounts of money, you should definitely try your best and not just rely on your luck. The best way to better your winning chances is by picking the numbers after thorough research and analysis. Look into the data of the past few 50-100 draws and make a list of hot and cold numbers. Make your playing number pick based on these hot or cold numbers as per your preference and strategy.

The next effective tip is to play more tickets for a single game. If you don’t want to increase your investment, try playing in a online lottery syndicate. This way, you will have stakes in more lines keeping your investment capped. As the jackpot amounts are huge even after dividing the money among the syndicate members, you will end up getting a substantial amount.

The online lottery has the potential to turn your fortunes overnight and with such incredible amounts of money involved in the SuperEnalotto lottery, you should definitely give it a try.

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