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Six Tips For Taking Care Of Skin & Hair Prevent Aging

The dreaded signs of aging cannot be wholly halted or eliminated. The loss of skin hair, the dryness, the fatigue, and the inevitable wrinkles appear faster than we ever anticipated. However, there are some things you can do to slow the drastic changes.

1. Water Does A Body Good

The easiest option is to drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of fluids per day. This is equivalent to around 80 ounces. If you are interested in filling an ice cube with 80 ounces to keep track of the number of calories you consume or filling up every day with water, the total dose will benefit all parts of your body. This essential requirement will assist in combating every age-related problem you may face.

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2. Hair Loss Can Be Treated

The cycle of hair growth consists of three phases:

  • Anagen – a stage of growth
  • Catagen is a stage of transition
  • Telogen is a shedding stage

The problem is that this cycle can go in the wrong direction. Two of the products developed to fight hair loss include Keranique, designed exclusively for women who lose their hair, and Kiierr, created specifically for hair loss for both women and men. Both are FDA-approved. Keranique is a product that contains Minoxidil which can help regenerate hair follicles using an endocrine system for hair growth. Its Kiierr laser cap uses low-level light therapy, which increases blood flow, transports oxygen, nutrients, and vitamins to hair follicles. According to reviews of keranique, this process, which is entirely natural and chemical-free, is favored by many who have seen excellent results.

3. A Protein-Rich Diet To The Rescue

Sugar and refined carbohydrates can have adverse health effects in numerous ways on your body. Studies suggest that it causes damage to the skin. In addition, caffeine and alcohol can cause dehydration. A balanced diet rich in protein will help to hydrate, rejuvenate and reduce the signs of aging. Take these suggestions for a healthy diet to maintain healthy hair and skin.

  • Eat red meat that is low in fat to prevent an iron deficiency.
  • Eat eggs to get biotin, which is essential in hair’s protein.
  • Like salmon, incorporate fish to obtain omega-3 acid fatty acids.
  • Fruits and vegetables, and multi-vitamins will ensure that you eat a balanced diet.

4. No To Smoking, Yes To Sunscreen and Exercise

Smoking causes havoc to your entire body. It’s not just the lungs that suffer this horrible habit. It’s like smoking slowly-cooks your skin to leather. Some who quit smoking have reported seeing younger versions of themselves very quickly. Alongside a healthier diet, make sure you protect your skin by using sunscreen and a regular fitness routine. Make sure you apply a minimum SPF30 sunscreen on every exposed skin to avoid premature aging and skin cancer. The steps above, combined with daily exercises to improve blood circulation, will lead to healthy, radiant skin.

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5. A Clean Skincare Regimen is Essential

There are numerous skincare brands to list, Some with great benefits, while others contain toxic chemicals and allergic substances. They may cause the exact problem they claim to solve. Beauty counter is a clean and safe skincare brand dedicated to changing your attitude towards toxic substances and cruelty toward animals. The company is on a never-list of 1,800 chemicals they do not use for their cosmetics. A small percentage of consumers have reported adverse reactions. Many claim that there are fewer adverse reactions but prefer the appearance of a younger, more clean appearance. They do not leave behind the heavy and greasy, chemically unnatural moisturizer that blocks the pores without lasting positive effects. Make sure to take off your makeup before bed so that your skin can renew itself.

6. Get Some Rest And Reduce The Stress

When you are at rest, your body repairs itself. Like when you’re in a state of illness, you work to drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. You must do the same thing for prevention reasons whenever you are well. Sleepiness can be caused by various factors such as hormonal changes, medication, and stress. Check with your doctor about your hormone levels and medication interactions if you are unable to sleep. Be aware of your importance and look after yourself. There is nothing as vital as your mental and physical well-being. Utilizing these suggestions to stop and reverse the inevitable process of aging can help you live a healthier life and a feeling of wellness and confidence in your abilities.

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